Every year in USA 581,000 people die because of medical mistakes. Is that bad?

Specifically, this includes any medical mistake, mis-diagnosis, mis-prescribing, over-prescribing etc.

Do you think the Doctors should be held in any way responsible for their mistakes? Keep in mind that if a person hits a pedestrian and kills them by mistake, the charge is at least manslaughter and carries a sentence of at least years in jail.


Kibber: I am already grown up actually, or was that supposed to be an insult? Please try to be decent. There are more people killed by American Doctors than by any war . Having said that, the American Psychiatrist is actually even shooting his fellow soldiers while on duty.

Update 2:

Old Jimmy: There is always someone who thinks they know best. In this case I am quoting from: Death by Medicine

by Gary Null, PhD;, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; Dorothy Smith, PhD, Carolyn Dean

Conventional Medicine’s Lethal Dark Side

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    Would you please cite the source of your statistic? I have never heard that the number was that high.

    Doctors ARE held accountable for mistakes. They are charged with manslaughter and similar offenses when the evidence is there to support a conviction. They are sued constantly and pay huge malpractice insurance premiums.

    I think perceptions and reality are somewhat detached here.

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    How many are saved by doctors that would die if they were not taken care of. Wait till health care passes, people will be terminated by government panels anyway. Solves the large health care bills won't it?

    Grow up for god sake.

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