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About John Cena....(well why haters why?)....come on people...please look?

I always wonder why do people hate Cena so much..for no reason at all...I'm so tired of the Cena sucks hate group spreading around like a's like one can appreciate wrestling ...its like Cena broke "real wrestling fans" .hearts, ever since he became face or whatsoever...

besides...SINCE WHEN THE **** , the Cena Haters decides what a wrestling fan should be....I MEAN ,,THEY SAY SOMETHING LIKE "Real/Hardcore Wrestling fans hate Cena"...but..I watched the WWE since the attitude era...The Rock gotten me to be a wrestling fan,...yeah and i loved the attitude era, and post attitude era, and yes there are some problems in the WWE nowadays, however....I LIKE CENA....and I'm a real wrestling fan..I'm not a Cena fan however but I mean Cena have my respect of how he is carrying WWE, ...and i mean no one can't just appreciate that at least he is doing a great job....why because no one can cheer Cena like people cheered The Rock or Stone Cold.??...this is not the attitude era anymore, this is the new generation of Wrestling...

and I'm not trying to hate on the attitude era or anything...but that was then, and yes it changed pro wrestling forever, but this is NOW...Cena is not trying to damage the business, ...

but any way ...i'm so tired of hearing....


he uses his 5 moves of doom....(wow thats a really, really STRONG reason, that Cena sucks.......NOT!!!...listen this is more ignorance rather than fact, if you guys noticed in the Attitude Era, so did some of the wrestlers you guys loved , they had like 6 or 7 moves as well, The Rock for example, his moves were , Spinebuster, DDT, , Sharpshooter, Samoan Drop, People's Elbow, and Rock Bottom(not including the punches and the clothesline).......but no one complained....and we all know Hulk Hogan had a little moveset as well,

or how about this" Cena sucks, because he will never be like the rock"....ummm....yeah...The rock was a better trash talker, and more charasmatic...but i wonder....since When Cena is trying to be like the rock? i want to know?....i mean I never seen Cena talk in 3rd person, i never seen Cena have catchphrases like If you smell what Cena is cooking?....these two are completely different people...different wrestling styles , abilities, and promo that why cena sucks?....oh boy....

how about this..Cena sucks because he have little kids cheering for that another STRONG REASON WHY CENA SUCKS?'s amazing how creative the haters are..i mean ...I think the haters don't want the kids to look up to Cena as a hero or a positive influence, who knows i mean the kids probably can be better wrestlers than Cena when they grow up?..well i guess kids can't look up to John Cena because "Real Wrestling fans" nowadays won't appreciate that can they?

I mean , the last time i checked the same "Real Wrestling fans" was looking up to The Rock, or Hogan, when nowadays,,The Rock making some corny disney movies, but still making alot of more money,than the WWE gave him..., when he left the WWE for hollywood... or How about Hogan now, when he changed the WWE forever, and now he came from WWE to TNA, i guess..The Same "Real wrestling fans" Hate TNA too....

i i can recall didn't some people say "Rocky Sucks" when the Rock was face?....i can remember..oh wait...when The Rock faced Hogan, during the NWO invasion, or how about recently on the tenth anniversary of smackdown because he went to Hollywood?...The Rock changed wrestling for me...he was the first wrestler i became a big fan of...trash talking and etc,,,I'm not trying to say I hate the Rock now, but people guys are saying Cena sucks, when Cena is not the one who wrestled for 7 years, and decided to just leave for Hollywood, even though he made some the rock did, or how about Cena is not the person who wrestled for a few years ..then left for another company like Hogan did to WWE to go to WCW.....I'm not trying to be wrong, but Cena is performing pretty damn well, and he's good at everything he does....and i hate to break it to some people...but Cena is so dedicated to the WWE, that I bet that in ten're going to see this guy...still wrestle in the WWE, because thats his life, he's not going to leave WWE anytime soon ....

but anyways.....Cena can wrestle, did anyone forget, his debut against Kurt Angle? did anyone forget his OVW wrestling gimmick as The Prototype? i wonder.....Cena can do more moves if he wanted to, but The WWE limit his movesets , and don't want him to change at all.. you "Real wrestling fans" wouldn't say Cena sucks when Cena had is Word life Rap Gimmick? so whats the point now...?....Cena always been the same Cena....for 8 years, he only had his gimmick change...

...The Cena sucks thing is Getting boring now, like the Hornswaggle vs Chavo feud....eventually it got to end...and people just need to get along with the program....listen like i said ear


see i knew it....

people may say Cena sucks...but they're not the ones who are wrestling ...i bet half couldn't even handle it....

Update 2:

well ...i can be honest too....sometimes i get mad when Cena wins or retains the title, or i get mad when he gets the spotlight too much....but Cena is a good wrestler..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Spectre hates Cena because of his entrance music? That's like hating a guy for having a haircut or what he ate for breakfast.

    I have always liked Cena and all of the reasons to hate him can be applied to any other wrestler in the business.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all I dont hate Cena, but to compare him to The Rock is a joke! The Rock did not have just 7 or 8 moves, but he gave as good as got. He had speed and strength. He never dominated his competitor and he never allowed himself to be dominated. People hate Cena because of the whole win-against-all-odds thing which is boring and unrealistic. No face should win every battle. Besides his wrestling, the guy is not that interesting. Like Ive said before, its just a pale imitation of Hulkamania.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hey there.

    Well by now I have gotten tired of typing over and over and over again about the reasons I hate Cena... and NO, I don't use the "limited move" excuse.

    If you REALLY know my reasons for disliking Cena, then click on my login name and search for other questions that I have answered regarding Cena.

    In short though without an explanation.

    1) bad predictable mic skills

    2)no charisma

    3)his opponents carry all his matches

    4)his gimmick is stale and needs a makeover or go back to the insult artist

    5)change his entrance music (4 trumpet notes repeated over and over)

    6)Lack of creativity on his "catchphrase"

    7) WWE makes him out to be a weak champion with very little offense

    want more details then go search my other answers. I've drilled my explanations into the ground enough.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do people hate on a pro wrestler for no reason when he or she has put forth effort in accomplishing many things in his or her profession? Vince McMahon or the WWE creative team is smart and won't let a sorry pro wrestler wrestle in main event matches. Also, there's a reason why John Cena's merchandise sell: his greatness as an accomplished pro wrestler inside the ring and outside of the business. A pro wrestler's merchandise wouldnt sell, no matter how charismatic that pro wrestler is, if he or she isn't good. That's just logic.

    Added point: You are right! How immature and sarcastic to say John Cena sucks becuase he has 5 moves. Come on! Pro wrestling isn't about displaying who has move moves! It's about who can win a match! Also, there are WWE Superstars right now with fewer arsenal of moves than John Cena. And this one is just retarded: People hate on John Cena becuase he appeals to the kids. Man, you folks are retarded! It's not John Cena's fault that he has such hugh followers as minors! Besides, there are some WWE Superstars with more fans as kid than John Cena, and you don't hate on them!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i hope all the people like u man i mean come on there is no reason to hate THE CHAMP JOHN CENA if they say he gets lots of title shots or he had lots of time

    didn't u people forget triple h or ric flair they had 13 and 16 times so stop being jealous of JOHN CENA success and stop trying to hate JOHN CENA cuz JOHN CENA is awesome and he's talented guy and if u think he's moves are terrible -which i think they're awesome- blame vince not THE CHAMP JOHN CENA

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People have ALWAYS hated Cena.

    It was a good thing when he was a heel. He was SUPPOSED to be hated.

    Now that he's a face, he's getting booed out. Because we're TIRED of him being pushed as the next Hogan, Rock, or Austin-- and he's NOT. He's been booed out of the Hammerstein ballroom, the place where wrestling fans are the most REAL, he threw his crappy little WWE shirt out into the audience and had it thrown back THREE TIMES.



    THE. END.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    man this is too much to read for me .

    Jesse really called him out on who he is.

    "hes got the look" lol

    ok I'll be honest I'm not a "hater" but I am sick of his **** yes.

    what was Cena thinking trying to get in Jesse's face? that was rediculous. If Shaemus beats Cena that would be neat.

    Shaemus can be like Sid vicious vs hogan.

    Do you think Shaemus can replace Cena?

    Source(s): Jesse saw through Cena's smoke screen and called him out on it. He knew Shaemus has a chance of beating him without going with the flow. I think that pissed off Cena.
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  • STAR
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Good sppeech man but these people are monstors their so Hard headed I would be surprises if at least one person stops becoming a cena hater. I tottaly agree with you know all you need to do is spread this speech.

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  • bärsm
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    He's not for everybody its really that simple.

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  • i know it is god.people stop.cean rock im a huge fan of his.

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