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Do you believe there is media bias and that the Main Stream Media has an agenda?

Just an observation; Last week EVERYDAY on Yahoo front page they ran the story of Fox News using the wrong videos portraying the lines waiting to meet Sarah Palin. However, I did not see one article on Yahoo or anywhere in the Main Stream Media about Al Gore photo shopping hurricanes onto a picture of the earth for his new book cover http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2009/11... Or did I find hardly any articles on the Global Warming conspiracy that has been uncovered http://www.investors.com/NewsAndAnalysis/Article.a...

Or the fact that Obama wants people to DONATE money to fight Sarah Palin https://donate.barackobama.com/page/contribute/dnc...

Has any previous President of the United States ever lent his name to fund raising against an individual? For writing a book?

Or how Norah O'Donnell from MSNBC really did a pretty aggressive interview with a little girl standing in line to see Sarah Palin. http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/checker.aspx?v=GdqG6... Did you ever see ANY reporter go after kids for singing praises to Obama?

But the story of Fox News using the wrong video footage showing the lines of people to see Sarah Palin was front page for 4 DAYS!!!


Of course the media outlets want to turn a profit but my question should have been why do they ignore some major news stories and over play other minor news stories?

Update 2:


Why was it huge news when FOX used old video tape when all they were doing was a story on Sarah Palin's new book? Al Gore's book is like the Holy Grail to the Global Warming believers...faking a picture for that is not news worthy?

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    Yes, there is a media bias and the Main Stream Media has an agenda. For close to 50 years the news in America was controlled by ABC, NBC and CBS. In the last 20 years CNN came on to the scene. This is pretty much comparable to the BBC in Europe and AL Jazzera in the Arab world today. It was in the last 6 years when Fox News and other cable news networks were born to give a more balanced approach to news analysis. However, if you look at the major networks today, they are still run by the left. Tim Russert, the President of NBC News, at one time worked for Mario Cuomo. The top players at ABC News are Peter Jennings, George Stephanopolous, Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts- hardly conservatives. Lets not forget the statement the President of ABC News made after September 11th. CBS News has Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer- more non-conservatives. All you have to say about CNN is that it was created by Ted Turner. In print media there is the Los Angeles Times in California, The New York Times in New York and The Atlanta Journal Constitution in Georgia. These have been the major newspapers in our most populous cities for many years and their reporting has a liberal bias. o_O

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    Mainstream media in the US has one agenda: "Keep my lucrative job as a media executive."

    To do this, an executive must not allow stories that would stimulate expensive law suits or spurn existing and future rich corporate advertisers. The owners are suits in Wall Street who only care about this quarter's profits. The agenda has nothing to do with truth or the welfare of most Americans.

    You hear about stories and adds that are never run because of this. Monsanto has taken lawsuits to a new height in protecting some of their very dangerous products.

    A simple example is an ad that NBC refused to run. Go to the PETA web site and look for the Thanksgiving Dinner turkey ad. A child gives a gentle prayer about the treatment of turkeys. It would be effective, but the networks don't want to hurt their bottom line.

    PBS has fallen into the same trap. It's all about revenue and being financially viable.

  • Anonymous
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    Try this sometime if you doubt the MSM bias:

    I have two DirecTV DVRs, One Digeo Moxi DVR and a terrestrial tuner in one of my PCs. I can record 7 things at one time. The only time I've ever used this capability was to record the 30 minutes after each presidential debate and the vicepresidential debate last year on NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

    Fox said good things about both candidates' performances in every case, while leaning towards McCain. The MSM's good statements on McCain were virtually nonexistant, while instead it was Obama this, Obama that, Obama the other...

    The days of Walter Cronkite are gone forever! Anyone who thinks any of these channels are "fair and balanced" is drinking someone's koolaid, but I will say this: Fox was closer to fair and balanced than any of the other six, every time.


    Anyone remember the Acorn exposition produced by the two young conservatives posing as a pimp and a prostitute? That story was all over the Internet and reported on Fox for 6 DAYS before the MSM even brought it up.

    Day 6 of Acorngate:

    Fox: An organization with 100,000 members across the United States caught on tape showing a willingness to be complicit in slavery, child prostitution, tax evasion and possibly even murder.

    Same day...

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC: Michelle Obama won some sort of best-dressed contest.

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    The flat out easiest way to see media bias, is to look at how they report the stories they do.

    So lets look at the (D) New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey sex scandal and the (R) South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford sex/affair scandal and how they were reported.

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN all ran about 70 reports on each scandal after they went public.

    But ,

    Those networks only identified NJ Governor McGreevey as a Democrat in 6 of the 70 stories they ran on his scandal.

    In the SC Governor Sanford stories, they identified him as a Republican 100% of the time.

    The same can be said for stories on Democratic Governor Blogivich, he was rarely identified as a democrat in the stories.

    or Representative Jefferson, who was just sentenced to prison for bribes, they rarely ever identified him as a Democrat.

    Look at the labels they give people. You never hear those stations say someone is a liberal.

    You never hear them identify anyone as a Left wing liberal or left wing Democrat..

    But they often identify people as right wing republican or right wing conservative.

    Democrats are called moderates, republicans are called extremist.

    TYhey all reported on the man with a rifle at the Obama speech in Arizona.

    But not one identified the man as a African American, not one showed his picture carrying the rifle.

    In the one clip that showed the rifle, it was carefully edited, so you could not see the owner.

    They all lead people to believe it was a crazy white man with a rifle.

    Or look at how they reported the hitler posters at the Tea Parties.

    They all failed to mention that it was extremist left wing liberals, who had those posters, not conservatives. Even though the posters plainly showed which organization they came from, the Lyndon Larouche campaign.

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    As Eisenhower left office he warned the public of the upcoming military/industrial complex that was forming to keep money pouring into the coffers of the war mongers. Now we are contending with the military/industrial/media complex...which is run by the extremely wealthy and powerful, as always. Fox has always been accused of being a pawn of the Republican Party and has lived up to that accusation quite well. If they have done something to disabuse the public of their darker motives, I am sure it was unintentional and simply due to their advanced years and total lack of morals. Don't worry, their day of reckoning is closer than they admit to themselves. A good look in the mirror might rekindle whatever conscience that crew could possibly have left.

  • 4 years ago

    No, Except FOX news which pushes Rupert Murdoch's agenda.

  • 1 decade ago

    Aww, poor baby. All media has bias genius. Fox News, MSNBC, Yahoo News, and even CNN. Crying over the fact that your side is not currently the ones being sided with will in no way fix the situation.

    It is unfortunate, but you need to grow a pair and stop complaining.

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    The state run media is covering for Obama at every turn. The media would be right at home in North Korea, soon we will all be required to have a photo of a smiling Barak Obama in our homes.

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    Because Palin is a menace to America. Letting her into Politics again would be like letting a Mentally Retarded Chimp take office.

    Of course the media has a bias and an agenda. Take everything with a grain of salt.

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    they completely missed reporting John Kerry's daughter getting a DUI also.

    Do you think the MSM would have reported it if Sarah Palin had gotten a DUI?

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