How did people react to the Black Plague?

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    The immediate reaction was a state of shock, grief, disbelief, horror, and sadness. It was like nuclear holocaust to the survivors. Can you image that you live in community where 1/2 people died in matter of months? For peoples to see their love ones, family members, their parishioners, their neighbors, and their government officials to die, this was an ultimate shock. People did not know what caused and were looking for an answer. They wanted to know why they survive and other not. They did not understand that regardless of someone spiritual life, good people died while sinner did not. No matter how much they had prayed, there was no God's help. The church did not know the answer and often suffered the highest percentage of casualties. People became extremely fascinated with death and morbid culture had emerged. The symbols of Death and the Reaper became vivid reminder. Churches instead of picture of well fed Cherubs were decorating painting of dancing skeletons. The horrors became embedded into collective memory. Some people did the best to get by. They are well known cases where survivors had engaged in earthy pleasures, drinking, orgies, and forbidden sins, since they believe that they will soon die and no matter what they will do, their souls would not be salved. Other people moved opposite way into spiritual submission and inflicted self torture and abandonment from life, since they believe that the plague was punishment from above. Majority was rational and tried to make the best of the situation. Many of these people became suddenly very rich, since all their immediate family died and they were left with an extensive inheritance. These survivors and their descendants became the grassroots movement of the ideological, political, and cultural reformation that started in 15th century. Church authority became questioned by leading intellectual circles and church was unable to regain former footing.

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    The plague completely changed the demographics of European Society. It killed between 30-50% of the population of Europe and struck at all classes from Royalty to Serfs. It gave the labourer power for the first time as there were no longer enough people to work the land and was the beginning of the end of the church as they were powerless to stop it. It helped lead to the rise of modern medicine as people began to realize there was some way it was being passed on to others and that praying to saints wasn't a cure. Some cities began quarantine's and tended to come out better than others

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    Reactions To The Black Death

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    well without science people had no idea and lived in fear of it those who had it were marked in warning the cause was unknown numerous people blamed witches and animals were believed to be the cause so it became a frequent practice to kill animals

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    A good number died - the rest of them figured god had it in for them and began beating themselves and killing anybody who they thought might bring bad luck.

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    They thought that god was punishing them so they whipped themselves. This further spread the disease through the open wounds.

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    They usually died.

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