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Question About Service Animals? Help?

I found an organization that will certify my pet as a therapy dog, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little bit more about them. They go by the name Love On A Leash. I want to certify my dog with a real organization and not a scam.

Please if you have any information concerning this company please let me know, here is the link: Www.loveonaleash.org.




Thanks for you answer....

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    A therapy dog is not a service animal. A therapy dog is trained, registered, and insured to visit facilities like hospitals and nursing homes with their owner to cheer up patients.

    A service dog is individually trained to perform tasks to mitigate the disability of their owner. In order for a dog to be a service dog, the owner must meet the legal definition of being disabled and the dog must receive extensive training. It typically takes 18 months to 2 years to fully train a service dog. Here's a sample of the core skills involved:



    Love on a Leash is a therapy dog organization. Therapy dogs are permitted in places where pet dogs are permitted AND where they are invited. You must have permission from facilities you wish to visit, such as hospitals, before you may enter with a therapy dog.

    Any organization, for therapy dogs or for service dogs is automatically a scam if they do not have an evaluator test and pass your dog in person. Any certification for anything over the internet is definitely a scam. Just a chance to blow money on a meaningless piece of paper.

    If you want to do work volunteering as a therapy dog team, get evaluated by a reputable organization such as:

    Delta Society http://deltasociety.org

    Therapy Dogs International http://tdi-dog.org

    Therapy Dogs Incorporated http://therapydogs.com

    The main reason for getting a therapy dog registered is for liability insurance. I saw no mention of liability insurance on a quick perusal of the Love on a Leash website. So any organization you consider that's one of the first things you should ask.

    If you are disabled and want a service dog, then start by establishing proof of your disability with your medical caregivers. See to it your dog is trained in obedience, tasks to mitigate your disability, and public access skills. Then use this article ( http://www.servicedogcentral.org/content/node/262 ) to find service dog programs to contact and see if one will certify your dog. Be aware that very few legitimate organizations will certify dogs they have not themselves trained. Why? Because it is impossible to really know a dog in just a few short hours time. Liability-wise they are much safer certifying only dogs they have been observing in a wide variety of situations for months.

    Source(s): I'm a service dog trainer.
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    Love on a leash is a real organization, but there are ones even better for visiting therapy work. Try:

    The Delta Society

    Therapy Dogs Incorporated (TDI)

    Therapy Dogs International

    All 3 are top rated organizations that register (not "certify") therapy dogs and their handlers for visits in schools, libraries, hospitals and nursing homes.

    Source(s): Husband of Guide dog user and 4-H Guide puppy raiser, whose retired guide is a TDI registered therapy dog.
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    this is a group for THERAPY animals.. not service animals

    Therapy animals are those that visit people in nursing homes and hospitals. These are just PET dogs and NOT service animals. They are NOT allowed in public places like stores and restraunts. They are only allowed in places to visit when they are there to visit and provide therapy.

    A service animal is an animal that assists a disabled person. The Disabled handler has the right to have their trained service animal with them in most situations.

    I would try contacting delta society about a program for therapy dogs.. they may be better able to assist you.. http://www.deltasociety.org/Page.aspx?pid=183

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