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Army Infantry enlistment bonus?

Hey what's up everyone I'm joining the Army and I'm thinking about joining infantry. I'm not joining just because of the money or anything but I want to know what kind of bonus and how much i can get and I figure since I'm joining I might as well find out what kind of bonus i can get. My Asvab score was a 35.

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    Bonuses shift regularly based on what the needs of the military are. If they have a lot of one MOS, the bonus is reduced or disappears. If the job is one that everyone wants but few get (such as Combat Photographer), then there'll be no bonus and slow promotions. If the job is one that's really necessary and has a large turnover (such as forward controller/recon) then there might be a big bonus. But again...the money is almost always moving around to where the need is.

    Note: you can do internet searches and learn what all the jobs are the Army offers. You might...maybe...be able to find out where the bonus money is, but I believe you'll have to talk to a recruiter to get the real skinny there. Also remember that, though recruiters are NOT bad people...it's their job to try and get people to sign up for the jobs that are really in need of filling. So they'll try to point you aggressively towards a given job regardless what you want. I practically aced the ASVAB (almost thirty years ago, so I don't remember my score) and the Marine recruiter I talked to still wanted to put me in the infantry. I wanted electronics...the infantry just wasn't gonna happen.

    Good luck and thank you for giving the service a thought. I did 9 years myself, in submarines, and had to get out because of a disability. Otherwise I would have retired there. I enjoyed the Navy.

  • Congrats bro...

    And if you decide to join the infantry then God Bless..

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