What should I do as a backup career if I don't get into the nursing program?

I have been trying to get into the nursing program for the past 3 years and I will be applying again this year. My fear is that I won't get in again this year because I don't have straight A's and my GPA is 3.45. I have mostly a's and b's, but I do have 1 c in the first anatomy course. My financial aid has ran out so I can't keep taking classes towards this. I do have all my prereques done so I don't really need to take any more, I would just retake some courses, but FA doesn't cover that and I don't have the money to pay for it. So basically I am stuck with the grades I have and I just need to keep applying. I don't want to waste anymore time though, because we have two kids and we need to start earning more money right away. My husband works right now but I don't . I have been looking for a cna job, but they just don't make enough money to live on and so I'm not even sure if I want to waste my time with it. I am certified, it wouldn't work as a long term job, so why do it? I need to start coming up with a backup plan in case I don't get into nursing. the only other thing that I am interested in is maybe an office job or an accounting job. To really make enough money as an accountant , don't you have to have a Bachelor's degree? I could try and get an associates degree, but do that even make much money and what type of job could I get with just an associates degree in accounting? If you have an associates degree in accounting could you tell me what type of job you were able to get and do you make good money doing it? Is it worth getting just an associates? Also, if I got it could I get a bachelors later, if my associates degree isn't the transfer degree, but rather just an associates of applied science in accounting?Please, I need ideas on what I should do. Thanks so much.

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    You have other healthcare related options, phlebotomy,lab tech, physical therapy tech, dental tech, medical assistant, pharmacy tech most of these are less than 2 years of education. Since you have some of the basics down you may be able to cross train in other things. such as a biology or biotechnology related field. Also look at your money for school closley because some of this stimulas money was supposed to go to women with childeren to go back to school. Here at the holidays you may be able to get extra money from an agency doing some CNA work until next semester starts and you get the money for school worked out. Whatever you choose to do be sure to get the registry certificate or license so that you can get the max pay for what you are doing.

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  • 4 years ago

    There will probably be a flag on your record when they do a background check, but to know for sure you should ask the school you want to apply to. You cannot get your records closed. They follow you, unfortunately throughout your life. My instructor said that drug convictions can be accepted, but I don't know if that includes alcohol. Things such as child abuse, or murder have are definitely not allowed. She said there was an R.N. who was working in a hospital and told her she was in prison, and was there for helping her boyfriend murder her child. My instructor had a moral obligation to report it and the R.N. was let go. So I would contact the school and ask to speak to an advisor. Good luck.

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