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What do you think of my 2010 SF Giants roster?

C - Rodriguez

1B - Ishikawa

2B - Sanchez

3B - Sandoval

SS - Uribe

LF - Nady

CF - Velez

RF - Schierholtz

Bowker - OF, 1B

Renteria - SS, 2B

Rowand - OF

Torres - OF

Whiteside - C













As you can see I have the Giants re-signing Bob Howry and Juan Uribe.

I'd also like the see the Giants let Bengie Molina walk and sign Ivan Rodriguez. Out of the catchers still playing he is definately the most knowledgeable and has had the best career. He's a perfect teacher/mentor for Buster Posey.

You can also see I have the Giants signing Xavier Nady. Back in 2008 he batted .305, hit 25 homeruns and 97 RBIs. He is a health risk since he missed almost all of 2009, but I believe he's a risk worth taking.

I'd like for the Giants to sign or trade for another starting pitcher but the I don't think they have the budget to do so. But there is always a chance they could sign someone to a minor league contract like they did with Juan Uribe, Brandon Medders and Justin Miller.


Why would they not sign Rodriguez because of his age? We only need him for one year, since Posey will be up next year. Also why would we sign another bullpen arm when the bullpen I have listed had a 2.86 ERA last year?

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    You REALLY don't want that lineup. First ...Travis? Bowker? Nate? No pop there whatsoever. Then there's replacing Bengie --- except for the Panda, there's no power here. Nady - he wasn't great when he was healthy and you think he's going to come close to replicating his 2008 numbers in YOUR park? I don't think Pudge can catch much more than 100 games any more - Whiteside in for 60 games? And where's Bumgardner in all this? And I guess Burris really did get thrown under the bus.

    No ,,,you need a power bat in the worst way here - this lineup will be scratching for runs'd be driving Cain to the Suicide Hotline..

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    As a Giants fan, I like it, but it probably won't happen. They won't sign Pudge because of his age. They probably won't keep Ishikawa as a starter because of his inconsistency. They'll at least try to sign a legitimate power hitter in the outfield, and I think they'll likely sign someone new for the bullpen.

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    Pretty good. They might actually save money? Could trade for a big bat next season, perhaps.

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    This is one of the more intelligent propositions I've seen here because it's actually fiscally possible for this to happen and does not involve any ridiculous one-sided trades.

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    It makes sense as they make some minor adds in xavier nady and pudge. it looks good

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    I think it is a pretty good starting lineup you should keep it

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    posey should play nady is a beast .ishikawa??

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  • 1 decade ago

    crazy but could work

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