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What do you think about Egypt in general ?

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    The mother of the world

    The only country which is mentioned 5 times by it's name "Misr", and more than 300 reference to it in the Holy Qura'n, "the land who will ever enter it will be safe"

    the country which is mentioned by The Prophet mohammed (saw) to have "The Best Soldiers On Earth"

    The country of the prophets Moses and Youssof,in Sinai..there's the famous AL TOUR mountain,the place on which the prophet Moses used to talk to God...!!

    Sinai which has the great chapel of Saint Catherine..!!

    Cairo,the capital; has more than 1,000 mosque..!!

    The greatest civilization known by the whole world {Ancient Egyptian civilization },which is still the symbol of charm and mystery,the civilization which lasts more than 7,000 yrs, the country which exported the basics of writing,the first writing system known by the world.

    (one third) of the monuments of the world is found only in Egypt..!!

    The country which has The Nile River, the longest river in the world, which is" a peace from Heaven"

    "Hollywood Of The East " is egypt,with it's films, actors and directors who compete in many international film festivals around the world

    The country of the kindest and purest people ever..!! the people who are always wearing a SMILE whatever hard times they face.,satisfied,friendly and funny...no one can get bored or sad while being in their company,the egyptian warm and kind heart is felt by anyone treat with them .....

    In short, itis a blessed country with it's people and with what God has put in it....!!!

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    to answr this question u have o be so proud of egypt and of course who dont be proud of the mother of cvilasation acualy egypt is agreat country and will be the first country in all the world if her people know what is egypt egypt is the third country in all the world og gaz egypt is the most ancient and histrrical civilastation in all the world egypt is the only country have more than 400 hot springs so healthy for health medication egypt peole stay in just 3 persent of it guess what if they get usful of these space areas no even matte if we milliars egypt have the most intelligen minds in all the world nees to be used so fast to learn if they find what they want its mentioned in quraan so that so great and it was alwas who leads the peole and arab to face againist killers have so massive weopon which called suiz canal which really can make the indesterial so high have red sea andmediterian sea and tha enough for fish fortune have alot of lands can cover the food in allover egypt and abroad the best soldier everin all the world is egyption and thats also what our profit say have no thing againsit cristians and that clear in all the historical churchs that still rising so if moslims was bad then it be destroyed i guess in the end its sources still hidden and dint discover yet because one day it be the first country in all the world because its really have the resources to be that but the other countries as american and rusian use the weopns for getting money and that not ever will happen in egypt because we dont like weopns and in the end iam proud to be amoslim and egyption

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    Peace and blessings be upon you.

    Mother of the world.

    Anyone come to it find love and good treatment from everyone in it.

    In egypt .we love the other in our land, we protect them by ourselves.

    Egypt give and don't care if others will give her.

    In egypt ,muslim with the christian ,you can't differentiate between of them .

    Egypt is the heaven of who say peace, and the Hell of who say war.

    egypt has a government ,people don't stop blaming it but in fact people love it especially the president.

    In egypt Nile, where it walks ,life grows.

    In egypt .civilization ,we export to all of the world.

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    I know of two Egypts. Good Egypt and Bad Egypt. Good Egypt brightens my soul. :D

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    Egypt is great but they got way too many issues they need ro resolve within the country. Killing christians isn't the answer.

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    Its amazing!! I love Egyptians!

    I miss Egypt!

    Source(s): Lebanese/American that lived in Egypt for 6 years
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    Amazing, humble society, beautiful, so much to see but its sad when you see the people have such low salaries, hence the baksheesh being so important (tips they can make on top of their salary)

    sadly it can sometimes make some workers a bit overpowering as they try to charm to get more of a tip. Egyptian people are mostly so loyal and make very good friends.

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    In general...it's awesome...one of the best countries.

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    Best country in the middle east

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