What causes bullying?

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What causes bullying?

What causes the tolerance of bullying?

What suggestions would you give to someone that is being bullied?

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    What causes bullying: The need to feel "above" peers and the need for self esteem. When a child has been abused, or neglected, they often lash their anger out on others, causing bullying. It's all circumstantial.

    What causes the tolerance of bullying: This again is circumstantial. Sometimes it's money or popularity. In my case it was because of popularity, and the thought that it would blow over in a day or two, plus the "She's so sweet!" factor.

    Suggestions to victims: Don't ever be afraid to speak up. From the point of view from a former bullying victim: being reticent does not solve anything. I tried silence for 6 months. When I realized this was an ongoing thing I went to the principal, then the police. After going to authorities, I kind of knew that they weren't going to be much of help. I became proactive, I don't walk in the same halls as the girl, I ignore her, and I don't do anything to push her buttons. I told one teacher who made the biggest difference in the world. Sometimes a hug can change the whole situation. I almost killed myself, but when I was told to "hang on" it meant the world to me. Bullying and its effects can never fully be erased, I still have marks and a heavy heart to prove it, but really, just hang in there, speak up. Things always get better.

    Source(s): Severely bullied in 7th grade to present. Not afraid of speaking out.
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    When it is not ✋ before it gets started and when it is not prevented. to those bullies out there go eat some 💩.

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