Why do 'American' people celebrate thanksgiving day ?

It was European people who colonised America and made the foundations for what Amierica is today ... just wondering why America celebrates thanksgiving and Europe doesnt ??? and in my view it shouldnt really be celebrated anyway as it was a mass invasion and slaughter of the native American populations that allowed the colonists to survive there in the first place ... just my opinion !!

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    History records that after the English torched a Pequot village and killed men, women and children, the Protestant ultra fundamentalist, Cotton Mather, approvingly proclaimed, "It was supposed that no less than 600 Pequot souls were brought down to hell that day." And in his Thanksgiving sermon, delivered in Plymouth in 1623, Mather the Elder "gave thanks for the devastating plague of smallpox, which wiped out the majority of the Wampanoag Indians who had been their primary benefactors." Mather praised God for destroying "chiefly the young

    men and children..." Historian V.G. Kiernan recounts that in 1648 Dutch

    colonists initiated the practice of offering bounties for Delaware Indian scalps, women included.

    enjoy your turkey.

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    The settlers...Pilgrims...were grateful to be alive after a decimating winter the year before which caused many deaths of the settlers. The Indians...Native Americans...were invited to share their comparable and bountiful harvest that fall because it was the Native Americans who taught the Pilgrims important crop growing techniques that gave them an abundant harvest. Fertilizing the ground where the corn seed was planted with fish was one such technique. A piece of dead fish was placed in the ground with the corn seed and when the seeds germinated, they had nourishment from the fish which produced a much better yield on each stalk of corn.

    The Pilgrims and others who settled the Northeastern United States saw much less warring with the Natives than in the western United States because the purposes of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans were compatible with each other. The western Native Americans saw the invasion of the colonists as deadly to their whole culture. The slaughter of the buffalo for sport by the colonists was life threatening to the Native Americans because their economy depended on the buffalo for survival. They used every part of the buffalo for something...food, tents, lotions, etc.

    The Pilgrims by comparison lived peacefully with the natives, and the natives did not see the colonists and settlers as a wholesale threat to their very existence. Here in my home area, the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, the Delaware or Lenape Indians were native. The Delaware River takes its name from the Delaware Indians. The natives were relatively unthreatened by the largely farming cultures from England and Germany who did hunt but not in a wholesale manner as to threaten starvation of the natives. Also, most of the colonists in the Pennsylvania area were from protestant church denominations, and were largely peaceful in intent toward the natives.

    Source(s): elementary school education in Pennsylvania
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    No, you don't understand history.

    For one thing, the first Thanksgiving was not about decimating the Native tribes. It was a harvest festival. I have Native American friends who celebrate Thanksgiving (we've actually been over each other's houses for it).

    Sure what happened to the Native Americans was terrible, however the fact that Native Americans showed up to the first Thanksgiving here does not make the holiday about slaughtering Native Americans.

    Tell me, should we cancel Christmas, too, because black slaves served rich people Christmas dinner?

    For another thing, Thanksgiving was officially made a holiday in 1863... it was meant to be a holiday about home & hearth, about being thankful and celebrating family.

    The Pilgrims 1st Thanksgiving inspired it, just as they were inspired by the old European harvest festivals-- however, nothing about Thanksgiving traditions is about decimating the Native Americans.

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    Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally celebrated by the Native Americans in the northeastern part of the United States. It is a harvest festival familiar throughout the world. On Thanksgiving we join our family and friends to give thanks for God's blessings. We enjoy God's bounty in the form of a meal together. And, while it has become commercialized, it still retains its true meaning for most. It is a beautiful holiday, one of the best, in my opinion.

    Also, I know it is popular to bash Americans for their treatment of Native Americans, but that should not affect the holiday, which began with the two groups coming together peacefully. Europeans, I guess, have never killed others for land, marginalized native groups or ethnic minorities, or engaged in the mistreatment of their fellow man?

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    Thanksgiving is with reference to the capability to feed themselves by using fact of no longer difficulty-free paintings and mutual participation. They have been grateful for the dinner celebration. it particularly is particularly actual that eu people screwed the interior of reach people, in basic terms like they screwed the African people. We would desire to in no way forget approximately that actuality.

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