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What are some traditions in Provence, France?

I need just a few, like maybe 2 or 3, and VERY brieft descriptions.


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    Outdoor markets take place at least once a week in every town in France, so they could not be classified as typically Provencal.

    One of the most well known traditions in Provence is the manufacture of "Santons", the famous crib characters which are laid out at Christmas time and they are sold at special fairs in several places, the best well known being in Aubagne and Aix-en-Provence.

    Then there is the annual gypsy pilgrimage to Saint Sarah at Saintes -Maries-de-la-mer . On the 24th may her statue is dressed and carried out to the sea followed by hundreds of people or Roma origin. The following day the same thing happens for the statues of the Saintes Maries.

    Provence is an area where many flowers are grown and perfumes are made. Several towns hold a flower festival where floats on various themes are entirely decorated with thousands of blooms and from which young girls throw flowers or petals on the crowd as they process through the streets.

    Last but not least there are the Christmas traditional events at the location called Les Baux de Provence.

    The "Cérémonie de l'Aubade" takes place on the 24th December in the early afternoon in the town village streets. A shepherd and his flock process through the village and are escorted by drums and pipers. Local women wear their traditional costumes and perform the traditional dance called the "farandole".

    Before midnight the bells ring and just before the mass, there is a vigil in the church with provencal carols and troubadour tunes being sung by crowds wearing their traditional folk costumes or their shepherd clothes, around a live crib. The master shepherd offers the last born lamb to the baby who impersonates Jesus (the traditional name of the shepherd is "Le Bayle" and the ceremony called "cérémonie du pastrage")

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    Several Provence traditions including the Provence market and festivals here-

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