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"Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n roses for a Thai clinch intro?

sha na na na na knees

Is it that the MMA gloves are not boxing gloves, with the whole online encyclopedia not even showing a pict of MMA the Muay Thai.

control the head control the body, seems like grappling of getting hips in close and trying to control overhand and underhand may not be effective, unless possibly holding the other fighter (knowing the Thai clinch) against he cage (without he crowd getting restless) like the BJ Penn and Kenny Florian fight. With also the sparring also not really seem effective since it seems like the answer to a fighter with Muay Thai experience is keeping distance with effective combination kicking. If a fighter is in a clinch then when they try and throw a punch like uppercut the other fighter still contols the head and so the punch would not really be as strong.

The ancient Aztecs would probably rip the other fighters head off then shoot in a basketball goal if it existed back then. (Mortal Kombat Sub Sero for Sega with the spinal cord dangling)

Brock Lesnar (or any other heavyweight) if flexible enough with high knees would be something to watch.

I dunno, also why isnt there any Thailand fighters in MMA I wonder? would Drunken Boxing be effective?

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    A good wrestler will beat a muay thai expert because the wrestler can take one or two punches on the way in to get a double leg takedown, the fight goes to the mat and the thai boxer is done unless the ref is a jerk and keeps standing them back up. The wrestler will win by submission or ground and pound.

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    Rant much?

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    whoa!... buddy slow down, one stupid question at a time....

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