did amanda knox kill meredith kercher?

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    If you're interested in getting a good understanding of this case and, more generally, the system that's causing Knox and Solliceto to be railroaded, read The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston with Mario Spezi.

    The book outlines the history of a bungled investigation into the worst serial killer in Italian History, likely a man still living free in the outskirts of Florence. They interview him in the book.

    The book is an effort to understand why the investigation went in every direction but the right one and it comes down largely to internal politics among the officials, combined with a conspiratorial culture. However the case takes it's darkest turn with the introduction of a corrupt prosecutor who blindly follows the lunatic ravings of a conspiracy theorist named Gabriella Carlizzi (who thinks 9/11 was mastermined by the Cult of the Red Rose) and who has been indicted for tampering with evidence and has a frightening history of intimidating and prosecuting reporters who disagree with him.

    That prosecutor is Giuliano Mignini, the same man who interrogated Amanda Knox. He remains the chief prosecutor in Perugia even under indictment and remains the prosecutor on the Kercher case.

    The book ends with a new afterward that details the Kercher case, going up through the start of the trial. It's just as insane as the Monster case. One American investigator, sent over by Dateline NBC, arrived in Italy assuming Knox and Solleceto did it. He left 100% certain they did not. According to him, what little DNA evidence has been found (such as the knife) is completely tainted by sloppy police work and the DNA is likely a result of contamination from other sources.

    There is certainly some good evidence against Rudy Guede, who has been convicted but is appealing. He freely admits to having been present and to having had sex with Kercher.

    However there is also another suspect who has never been investigated by Mignini. Read this article for details on that suspect: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe...

    Mignini threatened the reporter who broke this story with prosecution. She dropped the matter and after 24 hours of front page news, it completely disappeared from the Italian press and has been largely forgotten or assumed to be erroneous.

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    The info confirmed that Rudy Guede murdered Meredith. Prosecutor Mignini believed that Amanda and her boss have been in contact with a satanic cult, and Meredith replaced right into a human sacrifice. Meredith replaced into already lifeless while she replaced into introduced living house, then Rudy stabbed her so she might bleed everywhere in the floor, this variety the police officers does no longer think of it replaced right into a human sacrifice. in case you learn the case heavily,it appears that evidently that Mignini and the police officers knew that Amanda may well be their suspect and that they saved attempting to come across info that she did it, they could no longer so as that they saved interrorgating her and slapped her around until eventually they have been given her to sign a fact they typed, asserting that she replaced into there while Meredith replaced into killed. Believing that Amanda replaced into portion of the cult, the police officers believed they had to do despite replaced into nessasary to maintain her in the back of bars.

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    I suspect the answer is no.

    A lot of the evidence is supposedly falsified. A kitchen knife from her boyfriend's apartment had Knox's fingerprints on it. Shocking! She probably stayed at his house and cut some salami for lunch. But they say that's the murder weapon? There's a lot of BS surrounding this case. I just wish she could get a fair, even-handed trial. But I doubt it.

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    Herself? probably not. I think Guede was the actual killer.

    From the evidence that has been presented, though, I think she had sufficient involvement to be guilty of murder under Italian law (which isn't that much different from British or American law in this area) as an accomplice.


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    I think she is innocent and being railroaded by the corrupt Italian justice system.

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    she is a killer

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