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How long should it take a couple to get pregnant after a m/c of active trying.?

I had a natural m/c on 9/22, stopped bleeding on 9/28, waited a cycle AF came 10/30 being complete at 11/4 ovulated on 11/15 OPK, Bd'd all the right days.8 dpo worried that af will be here soon 11/30. Took DH and I one year to get pregnant, and lost @ 7 weeks. So that's my background. So my question is if I'm not pregnant this month, how long should I wait til to become pregnant before I go to a fertility cl inc. BTW here's another question: before I got pregnant it had been a year I haven't been to the OBGYN and i went for my miscarriage, I haven't been since, should I schedule an apt?

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    i had a natural miscarriage on sept 22nd also!

    it can take a healthy couple 12-18months to conceive. for some it comes easy, some it doesnt!

    i would head to the fertility clinic within the next 6months.

    i do not like OBGYNs to much(i had a bad experience with one) and i dont know, i rather have an RE(fertility specialist)

    have you thought about getting one? im sure you can get pregnant. it will just take time

    good luck, im sorry for your loss. all my baby dust to you this month

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