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Whats the difference between hotel and motel?

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    Marketing. The word "motel" was derived from "motor hotel" and the "motel business"is still oriented toward serving those traveling by car.

    Motels tend to:

    - be more horizontal than vertical, a single story building, or at most two or three

    - have more parking spaces than rooms

    - have parking very close to rooms

    - have rooms opening to the outside

    - be located at edges of cities, or near major highways

    - have most of their indoor space devoted to sleeping rooms

    - have fewer services (valet, laundry, room service, restaurants, bar, etc.)

    Hotels tend to:

    - be more vertical than horizontal

    - have more rooms than parking spaces

    - have parking located further from rooms

    - be located downtown, or if out of town l(resorts) located well away from maor highways

    - have significant indoor space devoted to meeting rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, bars

    - offer mores services (bell, valet, laundry, room service, restaurants, bar, etc.)

    But some places that look more like a motel are called hotels, and vice versa. I know of a number of properties that have been called a motel at one time and a hotel at another.

    None of the other supposed distinctions hold up to scrutiny. Mom and pop operations? Howard Johnsons, Travelodge, Motel 6, Days Inn certainly aren't. Liquor license? Lots of hotels don't have them, some motels do. Price? Some hotels are very cheap. Some motels are very expensive. Cable or satellite TV? Just about any motel has that. Motels are at least as likely to have microwave and refrigerator. Lots of motels have gyms, lots of hotels don't...

    Source(s): Stayed in a lot of them.
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  • Bub
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    In the olden days, a hotel was in town and a lot of people arrived by bus and checked in without a car, a motel was located on the highways and most people arrived in a "motor" car as they were called back in the day. So, a hotel on a highway was called a "motel".

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    Motels are often privately owned and old fashioned; you can find Motels along streets rather than actually in a town. It’s awesome for families that are on road trips and long for a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night. Most people staying in a Motel do not stay for a long time and tend to stay for only couple of days at the most.

    The best appearance of a Motel is its u-shaped building and its yard as a huge parking lot. The visitor’s cars are parked right outside their door just a few feet away. This makes it very convenient for people who have lots of luggage to carry or it’s just comforting knowing that their car is parked right outside the room. Motels usually offer a refrigerator and microwave in the room. They do not have room service like you would see in a hotel.

    Hotels on the other hand have a very different structure than Motels. Hotels doors are facing inward toward the hallways. They usually offer many luxuries such as gym, Jacuzzi, restaurant, room services and cable televisions to name a few. The parking lots in hotels are usually located separated from the Hotel itself and if necessary, there are usually shuttle services provided.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you stay at a hotel they will serve you for room service but if you stay in a motel well you serve yourself dinner tonight.

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    Don't know about this technically, but I always thing motels as being smaller and cheaper, perhaps a little more mom-n-pop kinda places... maybe a little dirtier and dicier, even.

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  • Anonymous
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    hotels are licensed to serve alcohol, motels are not

    and yes, as accommodations which are not allowed to serve alcohol are quintessentially suited towards motorists, they are focused towards motorists as their primary clientelle

    of course, in non ENGLISH speaking countries like america, ppl can call their companies whatever they want (like the scientologist cult call themself a religion), but its just not proper english, and no other countries (except american occupied and educated countries like half of asia) agree.

    sorry, i thought this was an english language site, not an american-english site

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  • ?
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    a hotel is for the rich

    a motel is for the poor

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