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'Must Try Arabic Food' - Please name a few..?

I am an expatriate working in Saudi Arabia (in Ras Tanura, near Dammam/Al-Kobar). Its just a month since i reached here.. So pretty new to an Arab nation.

I was looking out for some Arabic Delicacies. I've heard Arab food is one of the best in the world.. n they are yamee.. Especially Lebanese food..

Please suggest me some 'must try out' dishes/food here..


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    The Saudi Kingdom is well known for its variety of traditional dishes that reflect the diversity of the regions and the custom of the people. Most of the dishes contain meat, rice, wheat, vegetables and spices that give these recipes a special flavor. One of Saudi Arabia's most famous dishes is Al-Kabsa. Al-Kabsa is made of rice cooked with red or white meat or chicken in a pot. A variety of spices and salads can be added to the dish. Al-Kabsa is considered a staple dish throughout the Kingdom.

    Meat is cooked in various ways. A popular way of preparing meat is called Al-Mandi. This utilizes ancient techniques of cooking, first employed when man discovered fire. A lamb or chicken, prepared with rice, spices and water is barbecued in a deep hole in the ground that is covered while the meat cooks.

    Another unique Saudi Arabian way of preparing and serving meat is Mathbi. Al-Mathbi involves grilling seasoned lamb or chicken on flat stones that are placed on top of burning embers.

    There are many other popular dishes in the Saudi Kingdom like Jarish. Jarish is prepared by cooking wheat with Laban (sour milk) or milk and adding spices to it. Jarish may be simply boiled and served with a topping of chopped hot pepper and onion, or it may be browned in butter or oil and then cooked into a sort of pilaf with chunks of meat, chopped onion and tomato for the richly flavored dish called mufallaq.

    Qursan is another dish which consists of dried thin wheat loafs which are saturated with gravy and cooked in a special way.

    Saliq / Selek (lamb with milk and rice), is a simple, bland dish, the best known of all the rice dishes in Saudi Arabian cooking. It's almost like a hot rice pudding, the rice first half-cooked in meat or chicken broth and then with milk, stirred and simmered for about an hour until soft.

    Another popular meal which is called Mathlutha is created by combining rice and Jarish. Mathlutha is usually served with red meat or with chicken and is cooked in either the Al- Mathbi or Mandi style.

    Saleeg is another dish made by cooking rice with milk until the mixture becomes solid. It is then served in a bowl with butter sprinkled on top of it and poached meat. Different kinds of gravy, cooked with vegetables and meat, are also common in the Kingdom

    The coastal areas are famous for seafood and rice dishes. Al-Sayadiah is an example of such a dish. It consists of fish cooked with rice and onions.

    Local food is often strongly flavored and spicy. The staple diet is kubez bread (flat, unleavened bread) which accompanies every dish.

    Aysh abu laham is described as "something like pizza." The Suadi Arabian spon on the Italian classic, it starts with leavened dough, egg-rich and flavored with seeds of fennel, and black caraway. This is baked in the shape of a thick-bottomed pie shell, then filled with fried mutton, chopped kurrath or spring onion, and topped with a sauce made from tahinah.

    Rice, lentils, chick peas (hummus) and cracked wheat (burghul) are also common. The most common meats are lamb and chicken. Beef is rare and pork is proscribed under Islamic law. The main meat meal of the day is lunch, either kultra (meat on skewers) or kebabs served with soup, salad, bread, rice, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables. Arabic cakes, cream desserts and rice pudding (muhalabia) also feature in the diet.

    Mezzeh may include up to 40 dishes. Foreign cooking is offered in larger towns and the whole range of international cuisine, including fast food, is available in the oil-producing Eastern Province and in Jeddah. Restaurants have table service.

    Other regional favorites are kubbat maraq- balls of rice spiced with turmeric, pepper, cumin and dried lime are shaped around a center of fried ground meat, onion and parsley and set to simmer in a sauce flavored with tomato; and fi qa'atah - a three-layered dish served as rice on the bottom, meat in the middle and almonds on top. It's cooked, in fact, top side down, for the name literally means "at the bottom."

    During a Saudi Arabian feast it would be most likely to eat the luxurious kharuf mahshi, baby lamb stuffed with rice, nuts and raisins, rubbed outside with a paste of onion crushed with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom and browned all over in bubbling sawn, clarified cow or goat butter, before roasting.

    Source(s): i am also in Middle East since 2002.
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    Arabic Food Names

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    I like this foods you allso try.I think you will enjoy.


    Shawarma is made with lamb or chicken. Other stuff goes with that may change based on the restaurant. Generally they will mix tomatoes, pickle, garlic sauce and fries. Then they will wrap the mixture in a small Arabic roti.


    Falafel is the Arabic French fry. It looks like a cutlet. They are made out of mixing chickpeas and different spices. Then deep-fry and served as a side dish.

    3.Arabic Biryan

    4.dates stuffed with almonds.

    5.kabsa rice with BBQ


    7.chicken broast

    8.Mutton with Kabsa rice.

    9. samosa

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    I just came back from my second trip.... 1. The Pyramids/Spinxx of course. They are located in the same place. 2. Cairo Museum 3. Kan al Kalili. This is a huge open wholesale market where you haggle for price. You can find EVERYTHING here. 4. Luxor Temple 5. Karnak Temple 6. Valley of the Kings 7. Take a night time boat ride on the Nile Have fun on your trip!!!!

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    سلام يا صديقي

    I used to live in Dammam. So go to green shopping center if you want the best Shawarma, Khabsa and Felafel. Near Orange pastry, the is a breakfast shop which has best Foul, Zatar, Labana. OR go to any Bufia if you want a quick sandwich. Go to any Baqala if you want "junk food". Buy watermelons and tomatoes from the street trucks. Try Abu Nawas, SFC, or Al Baik if you want something like KFC.

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    Sorry but the typical Saudi kitchen isn't so famous. Lebanese,Tunisian,Morrocan etc. are middle eastern foods with also some greek influence and delicious. Saudis like loads of meat but their food isn't refined.

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    We favor vegetables but like fruits that we use in salad such as tomatoes and avocados.

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    Shish kabobs ~~~~Lamb kabobs

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