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I'm dating a Filipina who said she got a annulment over 6 months ago. She also said her statis is single now and is free to marry again. So I asked if I could see a copy of the annulment papers b4 I go visit her in the Philippines. She told me her lawyer is keeping them because she is still fighting ex for the rights of the kids. I then asked if her laywer could send a copy to her email for me. She then said it's not safe because her ex has made threats to do what ever it takes to change or destroy those papers. She said the Philippines has a lot of corruption and is worried that mabe her ex has enough money and connections to change things.. Is this really true, could her ex really change the annulment after six months ?? And what about the NSO.. would they have any records of the annulment.. or could her ex change the NSO records also ?? Please, I really need some advice about this issue from someone who really knows about the Philippines.

Thank you.

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    Marriage is sacred here in the Philippines. Annulment is just a legal separation that is why if your girl is Catholic she can never be married at any other church. The bond of marriage is never broken here "technically speaking".

    Answering your question, your girl is on the defensive stance. Here reasoning is obvious that she is generating a story filled with fallacy. Once the decision of annulment is given there will a certain time span that the two parties are put into a silent mode. Like the famous case of the actor Diether Ocampo and his partner. After that period of "silence" both parties can talk about it in the open. Now, the decision is a public document. Anyone can get it as long as there is a decision. And her NSO status would change provided the proper procedure is followed. If I were you if you really want to know about your girl consult NBI for safe keeping - who knows she might have a record. Or hire a private detective just to double check her background. How do I know this? I am from the Philippines.

    Source(s): Years of Experience in dealing with annulment cases of Filipino seafares.
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    annullment has no relation at all with the corruption in the philippines. If the filipina that ur dating with was annulled completely with her ex husband then she can show some documents related to it. Maybe NSO has a copy of the annullment try to ask also.

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    She is lying. Annulments take years and both parties get their own copy. Annulments are also very expensive and very few people can afford to do it. My bet is she does not have an annulment and is still legally married. Adulterey is a punsible crime here in the Philippines and you could end up in jail just seeing her. My advice is to leave this one alone and find a real single gal.

    Source(s): USN Retired, Married and living in the Philippines since 2002.
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    A child custody battle could be an independent case or a mere incident in an annulment/separation case. Corruption in the Philippines may refer to as a "cancer" in the country itself, meaning it is impossible to put an end to this or it may take a quite long time to lessen it.

    If her ex-husband is really really that rich that you could imagine, possibly, there would be a bribery case between his ex and his connections. But I don't think it will work on changing their annulment files because what has been done is already recorded in NSO [ unless his ex dared to bribe any staff there :p ] but I think it wouldn't because it will be subjected to a major crime.

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    Annulment takes more than years - not in six months!

    And when annulled, both parties get their own copy.

    Very suspicious situation and you must be very careful!

    Do not be committed until you are really sure.

    Asking a lawyer, most especially one that comes from the Philippines will be the best alternative you can do.

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    Your whole story reeks of lies--Hers.

    Seriously Pal,

    Look at what you have written and really think hard.

    If--by an outside chance, any of the story she has given you is true, why on Earth get involved with someone carrying so much baggage when the Phils is chock-full of single, un married girls?

    You must really have it bad to even consider this situation. Personally, I'd run a mile.

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    I've had a lot of experiences with BIR when it comes to tax auditing. The first one was on the two companies (3 fiscal year/company) I formerly worked with that we had filed for dissolution and the other one was my own firm in one of my fiscal years. I would say BIR auditors or examiners in my region are generally knowledgeable and reasonable. You just have to show them that you simply know how taxes are being applied properly in this country (well thanks to SGV, our accounting/ legal counsel as I learned a lot from them). Don't be afraid negotiating with them particularly if you have evidences or documents to prove your claims. And yes it is true, talking to Regional Director will be a good move to ask for more consideration. Corruption could easily be mitigated if you let them know first hand that you don't entertain "under-the-table" activities. And btw, they are good in sensing that.

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    Are you that obsessed with this woman, that you cannot even see that she is lying ?!

    Think back : Has she asked you, or have you told her about your financial status ? Has she sought money from you, and/or have you gifted/loaned her any ?!

    Yes ? Then she is a scammer : I would even bet that she is actually a single girl, spinning all these sob stories to get sympathy + $$$$. And is possibly simultaneously using the same technique on several males like you !

    RUN !

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    To see is to believe. That is what you should follow. I think you should get a good lawyer yourself to give you advises about your dealings here in the Philippines.

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    Reread the answers from onieloniel & independent then do not walk away RUN away from her.

    Trust me there are plenty of good women here. Just go to your church here & when somebody asks you "Where is your wife?" tell them you are not married & you are looking for one. They will find you!

    Source(s): Retired American living in Leyte
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