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張敬軒 hins cheung 英文介紹!!!!!!!!

張敬軒 hins cheung 英文介紹(詳细D)




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    Hins Cheung is a Cantopop singer and songwriter in Hong Kong and Guangdong. He studied and graduated from the Guangzhou City 7th Secondary School. He is now under contract with Universal Records.

    He is 175 cm tall and a devoted Christian.

    In 2008, he performed at the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Charity Gala at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with many other artists.

    In April 2008, he performed three concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum sponsored by Aigo Music.


    Hins' First (August 2001)

    My Way (August 2002)

    A.M./P.M. (November 2004)

    My dream my way (simplified Chinese: 我的梦想我的路; traditional Chinese: 我的夢想我的路) (August 2005)

    Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (春.夏.秋.冬) (23 March 2006)

    The Book of Laughter and Forgetting (simplified Chinese: 笑忘书; traditional Chinese: 笑忘書) (20 October 2006)

    Ardently Love (simplified Chinese: 酷爱; traditional Chinese: 酷愛) (16 August 2007)

    My 1st Collection (28 December 2007)

    Aigo Hins Concert 3CD (16 May 2008)

    Urban Emotions (11 July 2008)

    拉闊變奏廳 Live2CD (13 October 2008)

    Love & Living (9 April 2009)

    TV Song

    2009: a foregone conclusion "Sheng Ren"Theme song


    ^ Hins Cheung is to clarify the manager's Fame

    ^ Relating to their scandal is generally believed that no negative impact on

    ^ Hins Cheung Coliseum opened in April to call out,Oriental Daily News, January 25, 2008

    ^ Above reference

    ^ Hins, "Xuan move your heart" Guangzhou歌迷见面会- 21CN.COM - Entertainment Center


    ^ Hong Kong Film Net Hong Kong Films' Web

    ^ Moments of Love


    ^ Election kick-off ceremony of "Long Hair" Bo out of the scene lesson Ivana Wong - Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po

    ^ Henrick Yeung - San Francisco, CA | Facebook


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