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what do you do after the birth?

after all the labor and delivery is done, what happens next?

what does the delivery of the placenta feel like?

what happens to you(the mom) like what do you do now?

i know what happens to the baby, but what does the mom do now and what do the doctors do to her?

please explain in much detailed

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The placenta feels like a smaller baby. It delivers very easily. The doctor will help you deliver it by massaging your uterus to make sure that the placenta detaches from the uterus before it comes out. They check it to make sure it is all there (there could be problems if not all of it comes out). They check to see if you have torn (or check on an episiotomy). I don't know what they do about either of those because it never happened to me but I would assume they stitch it right there on the spot.

    When baby is born they take it and clean it (usually in the same room as you) test the apgar score, take foot prints, ask you if you want to feed it. If you do then they let you. After that, or before if you want to get cleaned up first, they take you to the bathroom and get a squirt bottle and clean off any blood on you. They get these mesh underwear ready with a large sanitary napkin and some which hazel pads and a foam spray (they aid in healing and swelling reducing). Then they either take you to a different room or let you stay in the same room. If you move rooms they will wheel you there. Then that is it. You and your baby have time to bond. Usually then next day, or later that day depending on the time you deliver, a pediatrician will come in a asses the baby. They check to see if there were any birth injuries like a broken collar bone, or dislocated hips. Then that is it. Every few hours a nurse will come in and take you vitals, check your bleeding, check to see if you uterus is going down, and the baby's vitals too. At some point they will come in and take the baby to get a hep B shot and vitamin K shot and test check it's blood type and get a CBC (complete blood count). You are allowed to go with the baby if you want, or send hubby.

    Babies usually stay in the same room as you after birth but if you request they can take the baby to a nursery. But they don't unless you ask. You are free to shower if you want, get up and use the bathroom, whatever. They encourage you to get up and move around. Then they discharge you in about 2-3 days, longer if you feel the need, or sooner if you are in a rush to get home.

    Hope that helped.

    Congrats and Good Luck

    Source(s): Mother to 23 month old and 3 month old boys
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  • When the placenta comes out it feels like jello. It's simple to deliver it, no big deal at all.

    After wards the woman is either sewn up or not.

    You will stay in the delivery room for a little bit after the delivery. For me I was in there for about an hour or so. The nurse came in and wheeled me to another room.

    The nurses would come in fairly frequently at first and press extremely hard on my uterus. They told me to do the same, it was very painful. This was to help stop the bleeding and shrink my uterus back down.

    You get visited by nurses and your doc. They take out the IVs, can give you pain meds, and ask you about the baby. Lactation specialist will come in, a photographer for your baby will also come in, and you are given a lot of different papers to sign. You fill out the info for the birth certificate, if you want your baby's birth announced in the newspaper, and what not.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You can either have a medical or physiological third stage, meaning you can either have an injection to speed up the delivery of the placenta, which means it'll be delivered about 5-10 mins after the birth, of you wait for nature to deliver it, which can take an hour. Mine was medically managed and I didn't even feel it being delivered. After it's delivered any tears or an episiotomy will be stitched, either by the midwife of a doctor depending on the level of damage. The mother's observations are repeated- temperature, pulse, blood pressure etc, and uterus palpated to make sure it's contracting. A baby is usually offered its first breastfeed as well.

    Providing all is well mum usually has a shower at this stage, changes into a clean nightdress and is transferred from delivery suite to the postnatal ward.

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  • 1 decade ago

    After you have the baby they will have you push a little and the placenta will come out. It does not hurt. You will be so over joyed that you will nearly notice. After that if you need stitches they will do that. the doctor will give you a shot to numb that area. They will help you to the bathroom and if you have gotten an epidural the nurse will peel the tape off your back and take it out. Then they will give you mesh panties and big pads. they will leave you a bag of them. while in the bathroom they will give you a bottle of iodine and a bottle. they will show you how to mix the iodine with water in the bottle to clean the area. the end of the bottle is kind of like a douche, but not long like that. after you do all of that, the nurse will help you back to bed. every time you go to the restroom you will have to use the iodine and water to cleanse. You will stay in bed and have visitors if you would like. They will give you some pain medicine. every so ofter they will come push on your stomach to help it contract back down. They will leave your iv in for a few hours. After you get your iv removed, you can get up and take a shower and change in a night gown or whatever you bring for yourself. don't forget slippers. O an if you smoke, as soon as you take a shower and can walk around, you can go smoke. anyways...You might get clots that will come out of your vagina. they can even be as big as an orange. just let your nurse know. It's ok don't worry. the more you move around the smaller they are. They will keep pushing on your stomach and giving you pain medicine until you leave. You have to have a bowel movement before you leave too. i hope im not leaving anything out. I hope this is helpful.

    Source(s): mother of 2
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  • 1 decade ago

    After you deliver your baby, you will deliver the placenta 10 to 15 min later. If you have an epidural you won't feel anything. If you are going all natural it feels like a mushy blob of warm goo. but you will not be paying any attention to yourself at this point. (All you will see is the baby) And after that the doctor will stitch the mom if need be and exam the damage to the uterus if any.

    What happens to the mom ? you will bleed and have contractions for a while, to get the uterus back to size. and be sore for a week maybe two, but you will have a beautiful baby and anything bad about the birthing process won't matter anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago

    After the placenta is expelled, the nurses will massage the uterus with quite a bit of pressure to help it contract. They do this basically so you won't bleed to death. The doctor will stitch you up if you needed an apisiotomy. Click link below if you don't know what that is. Doctor will clean you up while your baby gets cleaned up. Not sure how it works with a c-section.

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  • 1 decade ago

    aw cute question.

    it varies by hospital which is something to keep in mind

    some hospitals let you nurse right away to help the body get rid of the placenta but mind didn't, i wasn't allowed to hold my baby was out and the bleeding stopped.

    the placenta didn't feel like much...little weird..but i was so anxious to see my daughter i didn't care.

    After, the doctor talks to you about any questions you might have, gives you the baby and lets you come down off of any medications you might have taken, and also lets u use the restroom (you have a catheter in before delivery and i think during...but after they had me try to go by myself, which didn't work because i was too numb.

    they gave me food right away and took my baby and me upstairs to the resting rooms where she could lie next to me in her little holder crib thing and i could rest. they come in hourly to check legs for blood clots, give pain medications, any advice or help if the baby is a little too stress full at first. they keep taking temperature and blood pressure till the moment you leave the hospital.

    you spend two to three days in, helped walking around, and with anything else you need.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You deliver the placenta. Doesn't hurt...I barely felt it. They stitch you up if you need stitches and then you rest a bit. Depending on whether or not you get an epidural they have you wait an hour or so (really until you feel you can walk) and you can go into the bathroom and clean up a bit. After that you just rest and enjoy the baby.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When I delivered my placenta , it was best feeling the world , cuz all the pain instantly stopped .. after that if you tore at all during the delivery the doctor's will fix it .. they will let you spend an hour with your baby and than take the baby for other testing and stuff , an hour or two later you're baby is back with you ..

    The doctors or nurses will come in every hour for the next couple of hours to massage your belly to make your uterus go down .. and if you didn't have a c-section you will be allowed to eat during this time ..

    During the time that my baby was gone , i took the time to take a shower , got dressed and went out to have a cigarette ( bad i know but i need one after 10 hours of not having one )

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  • 1 decade ago

    after the baby is born they deliver the placenta then clean you up a little and then you rest in the delivery room for a while then to another room if you have any other questions feel free to ask me

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