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Why do russia, France, and U.S. have the same colors on their flag?

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    Do not really know why, but red white and blue flag colors do seem popular. You forgot to add UK, which also has a red white and blue flag.


    French colors - Bastille Day Paris

    Paris - The City of Lights - Piaf

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    vive la France


    Russian Flag

    Victory Day Red Square - the Russian Army, battle standards unfurled, lead by the Russian red white and blue flag.

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    The American Flag

    The American Flag at the masthead

    Taps Arlington

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    The battle torn Union Flag (Trafalgar Battle Standard) of HMS Victory

    HM departs Whitehall for the Palace of Westminster for the State opening of Parliament November 2009.

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    The Queen's Royal Standard

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    Russia Flag Colors

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    Two reasons: The Uk and the Netherlands.

    And two other reasons: the color choice for a flag is fairly limited because a good, useful flag must be accurately discernable from far away without being lit by spotlights. Red, white and blue is THE most discernable color combination possible, and is by far the most popular color combination on national flags around the world.

    And because flags can also be related to or inspired by each other, and in the case of these three, the American flag was inspired by colonial flags used by the colonies, many of which used red and white or blue and white because those were very traditional color combinations on flags within the british empire.

    The Russian and French flags, in turn, were probably at least inspired by the Dutch flag, which was the first tricolor national flag. The french, being close by and also trade rivals with the dutch, must have seen it quite a lot (supposedly the french interpreted horizontal tricolors as imperialist symbols, and made theirs vertical as a symbol of rebellion against monarchy). The russians probably didn't, but Peter the Great spent a great deal of time traveling europe, and specifically stayed quite long in Amsterdam before he returned to Russia to modernize his empire (and give it a flag).

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    They may have the same colours - red, white and blue, but they may mean something different.

    You have a lot of other countries flag having these 3 colours - Netherlands, UK for example and many others.

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    1 - you have to write "Russia"

    2 - there are 7 colors (plus black and white) only, but 192 states. Compare - all musician use 7 notes to compose music.

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