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Do you like being in the air force?

So I'm really interested in joining the Air Force and I wanted people who are or have been in it to share some of their experiences with me. Please first hand accounts only. I pretty much just want to know what the lifestyle is like and maybe what kind of jobs are good to start out with. This be assuming I do really well on the ASVAB. So any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I've just recently joined the Air Force myself. I was originally looking at the Navy, but had decided to talk to an Air Force recruiter just to see what other options I had, and ended up making the better choice in my own opinion. I had a chance to go down to Maguire AFB with the local AF recruiter and really get a chance to see what the AF was all about. The one great thing about this particular base is that it was right next to Fort Dix Army base.. and comparing the two is damn near impossible. The quality of life in the Air Force is second to none compared to any other branch. I noticed that the airmen were treated extremely well, the buildings and surrounding areas on the base were brand new and well kept, the food was awesome.. and the women were gorgeous, my man!

    I could go on all day about how nice the base was and how great it is.. but in the end its all about what YOU want. The Air Force is a great way to further your education, get paid, and see the world.. its actually the only branch of the military who has its own college. You will be getting a degree in whatever job it is that you do for the Air Force!

    A good job all depends on what you want to do! There's over 150 jobs in the Air Force, so whatever it is that you like to do, I'm sure there's a job that relates to it! I personally wanted to travel around the world. I'm from a pretty small place in northern NY.. about 25 minutes out of Canada actually, so getting a job that will allow me to travel around the world and see what else is out there was a MUST! I ended up getting Loadmaster.. My job is to calculate weights of cargo and figure out where they should be placed on the aircraft so that the plane is level. I'll get to fly on a plane, travel around the world.. the list is pretty long for this particular job. Its an aircrew job, and from what Ive been told, the Air Force is hiring aircrew right now big time.. if its something your interested in, I suggest that!

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