What is a word for something you can't do anything about?

So I'm writing an essay about Corruption in Slavery and I'm trying to think of a title, and you know how the slaves "couldn't do anything about it"....I can't find the word for that!

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  • Kathy
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    1 decade ago
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    The word you are looking for is 'impotent'. It means powerless; without the strength or power to do anything effective or helpful.

    Some synonyms for impotent are: powerless, weak, helpless, incapable, ineffective.

    A title could be something like - The Powerful and The Powerless

  • 1 decade ago

    Powerless, victims of circumstance



    hapless - deserving or inciting pity; "a hapless victim"; "miserable victims of war"

    Irreconcilable may fit.


    Impossible to reconcile


    1. A person, especially a member of a group, who will not compromise, adjust, or submit.

    2. One of two or more conflicting ideas or beliefs that cannot be brought into harmony.

    Definition two would apply here: Proslavery advocates vs. Anti-slavery advocates (the slaves were caught in the middle of this controversy and had no say so in the matter)

    Suggestion for your title: Irreconcilable Differences


    Irreconcilable Differences and Hapless Circumstances

  • momomo
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    1 decade ago

    Main Entry: inescapable, inevitable

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: certain; cannot be avoided

    Synonyms: all locked up, assured, binding, compulsory, decided, decreed, destined, determined, doomed, fated, fateful, fixed, for certain, foreordained, imminent, impending, in the bag, ineluctable, ineludible, inescapable, inexorable, inflexible, irresistible, irrevocable, necessary, no ifs ands or buts, obligatory, ordained, pat, prescribed, settled, sure, unalterable, unavoidable, undeniable, unpreventable, without recourse

    Antonyms: avoidable, doubtful, escapable, fortuitous, preventable, uncertain, unlikely, unsure

    Source(s): www.thesaurus.reference.com
  • jerryb
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    1 decade ago

    Inevitable=will happen

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    o well is a good word or idk that helps to.... lol im just sayin stuff hope u can use it

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