Cell Processor question?

do u think the cell will be implemented in computers some day?...100% opinion...no right or wrong answer


well..first off...what ur saying about the Cell is WRONG....because the Cell has 1 Power PC core..and 7 Spes...and the Power PC gets around 30 gigaflops alone...and then the Spes also get 30 gigaflops each..

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    The cell will most likely never be implemented in a personal computer because of the fact that it is optimised for floating-point-instruction operations [which are just for making complex scientific caluclations such as stock market predictions or geological data processing]. CPUs in normal computers have to be general prupose and support large numbers of instruction sets so that it can handle the millions of different applications that are out there, The cell on the other hand is built in such a way that applications are designed for the processor - the processor itself is not designed for applicatons. Ofcourse no developer is going to spend any money coming out with whole different applications for the cell [when amd and intel virtually dominate the market] so theres pretty much no possiblilty we will see the ps3 cell in a pc, ofcourse, ibm might create a new processor based on the cell with 8 cores and large compatibility but by then intel will have 8 cores too so cell will lose its specialty [intel already as 4 cores and 6 cores is right round the corner so the cell is pretty much old tech now]

    p.s. the cell doesnt even have 8 cores it just has 1 power pc based main core [which is really bad anyway since the power pc architecture cries on its knees compared to intel core series so apple changed to intel] and 7 spus which are like mini cores so in other words it has 1 weak core and 7 very weak cores, the ps3's performance proves this - it has 2 teraflops processing power wheareas a modern graphics card [such as 4870x2] is 3 teraflops [having only two cores]

    edit: whoops you are right - indeed the cell has a collective processing power of 256 gigaflops [by 2 teraflops i meant total ps3 processing power which is round 2,1] - which still cowers compared to even mid range graphics cards or in-the-horizon processors such as larrabee. anyway fact is cell is nothing but a gimmick and an enthusiastic idea that will never see universal implementation due to so many shortcomings. and i really doubt even the 'good' things said about it are that good due to its cheapness - the ps3 costs as much as an i7 processor so imagine how weak the cell must really be. Personally i dont have anything against cell or ibm - i simply took an objective viewpoint and the cell really just seems like a bright idea with no basis for average computer usage [such as gaming] that has been thrust onto us poor ps3 owners - it has been three years since release and still there is no 'untapped potential' that has made the ps3 the indisputable console king. what could this mean? probably that there is no untapped potential - its just a piece of sh1t that looks good on paper

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