What would you do w/this color scheme?

My mind is pretty made up when it comes to my living rm scheme & how I'll work it. It's similar to:


Here's my inspiration piece:


Here's my layout:


My sofa is going to be along the same wall as the entrance door & the settee to the wall on the left w/a nice coffee table.

My question is: What the heck do I do with that back wall? I'm only putting a very small 20" TV in there b/c this is more of a formal living room. I wouldn't mind a light secretary....then I'm clueless. I know that's where everyone's eyes will be when they come in the house & I'm just stumped.

Also, what would you do w/the walls & furniture if that was your inspiration piece?

Lastly, if my sofa is going to be charcoal gray, and I have glass & white furniture....what color furniture is going to go up that back wall? Black?

I also thought about accessorizing w/a light blue so maybe some colored furniture?

Please help! Thanks!


Oh wow! I LOVE the gray living room set up. Where did you find that link? I'd like to buy that coffee table. Thanks!!!

Update 2:

I'm keeping my living room coral. I just like the picture arrangement & coffee table in the gray living room. :)

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