Ready to ditch Cable TV! WDTV Live vs Roku vs Vudu - Which is best for me?

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So I'm totally fed up with paying the cable company my hard earned money month after month so that I can watch a few good programs and a whole bunch of crap that I have no more
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  • Dave answered 4 years ago
We've been pretty happy without cable for a few years, streaming Netflix Watch Instantly and Amazon Video On Demand to the TV. Although we use an Xbox to make the connection, the Roku Box gets high marks in user reviews on ease of set-up, price, and hardware quality. Good product reviews available at {see link].

Both Netflix and Amazon have good selections of TV shows as well as movies, but we still end up plugging the laptop into our flat screen and watching Hulu for the latest episodes of family favorites. The setup requires specific cable and a decent laptop video card, so it's a bit geekier, but still pretty straight forward once you've taken the time to figure it out.


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Good answer. Thanks for the info.
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  • Paul answered 12 hrs ago
    Hello everybody!! I just discovered the new AMAZON FIRE TV..ITS A MUST HAVE!! Less searching, more watching. Speak into your remote to instantly find TV shows, movies, games, and more.
    Voice search that actually works
    Know what you want to watch? Amazon Fire TV’s remote has a built-in mic so you can instantly search TV shows, movies, actors, directors, and genres using just your voice—no more typing with your remote to find what you want. We’re confident Amazon Fire TV’s voice search is the best you’ve ever used. You have to try it to believe it.

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  • TV guy answered 4 years ago
    Don't get very excited- it is VERY hard to replace cable TV.

    As mentioned, Roku only gives you what is available in Netflix streaming - which is a subset of the Netflix catalog, at least one season old.

    Vudu is also mostly movies.

    itunes (with Apple TV) has also some shows, but you need to pay per show.
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  • Matt M answered 4 years ago
    i don't believe Roku Box will get you new/live programming like that. it plays things from the netflix and amazon video libraries. and they're setting up new partnerships, but everything i've heard is pre-programmed stuff.

    VUDU looks like almost the exact same thing, but i've never heard of it. i do hear good things about Roku Box.
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