why is the us health care debate so controversial?

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  • Millie
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    1 decade ago
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    --The government has no right to force, directly or indirectly, everybody to use their health plan and that's exactly what the "public option" is. Where are OUR Constitutional Rights in this equation????????

    --In the 1,017 pages of the House Democrats’ health-care bill is a little-noticed provision that for the first time could give the government access to the checking or credit-card information of every American. Where is our Constitutional right to privacy??????

    --If the health plan they will offer if SO GOOD, why the president, his family, and the Congress will not use it...???????????

    --The health care reform project include a clause that will put people to decide whether their own life would be “not worth living” under certain guilt inducing scenarios. They don't call it a death panel but that's exactly what it is. The government has been denying that there's such thing as Death Panel but they announced they dropped it from the healthcare project. If *it was not there* why do they need to 'drop it"....?????

    --WE, the ones opposed to it, know how to read, we understand what we read, and we have been reading for years and years the problems that other countries, like Canada and Great Britain, with government run plans are having. They have to wait years for appointments regardless of the condition they are suffering, many die without medical attention.

    --The government health plan will cover abortions, that is exactly the same as approving murder.

    --"Employers failing to provide an insurance option must pay a fine roughly 8 percent of payroll."

    "Smarty" employers will determine that paying the fine is cheaper and will drop their health benefits. This will *force* millions of Americans off their employer-provided plans onto the public plan.

    --The government health plan will cover illegals, who *do not* pay taxes. NO, they do not pay taxes, they do not pay federal and/or state taxes, and the sales taxes they pay are not even enough to pay for the energy that one single traffic light consumes because they have a very low purchasing power, so what they pay in sales tax is practically nothing.

    On August 15, 2009, at 6:01 PM (ET), in Grand Junction, Colorado, Obama said:

    "So just to recap here, if you’re one of nearly *46 million" people who don’t have health insurance, you will finally have quality, affordable options."


    According to the Census Bureau, almost *10 million* of that 46 million figure are illegal immigrants, and Obama knows this.

    Besides, the USA Constitution clearly states that our government cannot deny illegal immigrants the same rights that the rest of us have. Once we are forced into the health program, illegals will be included. No provision or law saying that illegals cannot be covered can be placed above the Constitution.

    And, last but no least, there are not any requirements for proof of legal status and/or citizenship.

    Now, "freeloaders promoter" Liberals are arguing that will be cheaper to include illegals. CHEAPER with the tax payer money from taxes that illegals do NOT pay!!!!!!!!!!!!

    --Exactly the people who *do not* pay taxes are the ones that will benefit the most from the government health plan, while the ones who pay taxes will have to pay twice for their health insurance: pay for a private one to get good health service; and pay the raise in taxes to cover the health insurance for those who *do not* pay taxes.

    --Regardless of what the president says about the healthcare reform not adding a penny to the budget deficit, it will add at least $200 billion to our deficit and many long term estimates have $2.4 trillion shortfalls in twenty years.

    --Obama says that there will be no cuts in Medicare benefits, but the plan calls for a $500 million reduction in annual reimbursements for Medicare. So, instead of protecting our senior citizens that have been working all their lives and paying taxes, the government will practically abandon them.........cute!!!

    --Nothing in the reform guarantees, *word-by-word*, that we can keep our insurance and our doctor.

    --The Postal Service, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, the public school system, just to name a few services run by the government, are a complete disaster or in bankrupt and the government wants to run another one, this time where lives will be on the line?????

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because a) we don't want the government controlling our personal lives so much with the abortion surcharge and the way older people will have to explain their conditions to boards and b) the government tends to screw up agencies it takes over. I don't want to have to wait hours for doctors or have some suit telling me that I have to wait months for a procedure, like is the case in Canada and the UK. Further, though the Democrats talk bipartisan, the reality is that neither Pelosi or Reid will allow any of the Republican plans on the floor for debate--there are 3 at least. Finally, there is an air of secrecy as if the Democrats don't want us to know what's really in this thing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Two reasons.

    1. Whenever we have a Democratic president, the Republicans behave as if it was a Communist takeover. They reflexively oppose ANYTHING he says, does, or proposes, in the strongest terms they can muster. They did this with Carter and Clinton too. So about 90% of their opposition to Obama's health care plan is really just opposition to Obama, it's not about health care at all. Republicans have come to see the White House as -their- house, so when a Democrat is elected they feel that a great injustice has been done, that they've been robbed. They don't see a Democratic president as legitimate, and cooperating or agreeing with him, they feel, only hands him a victory and validates his presidency. At this point, all they can think about is to make Obama fail so they can get back into power.

    2. The Republicans stand for big business, for profits, return on investment. When a Republican says that we have the 'best healthcare system in the world', what he really means is that our healthcare system produces the biggest profits, creates the most wealth for investors of any in the world. And they're right, it does! Our entire health care system--not just insurance but medical centers, clinics, hospitals, doctors, labs, etc. etc.--is owned by 7 corporations. These corporations are so rich that they are able to spend millions of dollars a year in lobbying and campaign contributions, and traditionally most of this money has gone to Republicans, so which side did you expect the Republicans to be on? 8^)

    Sadly, Obama and the Democrats have also gotten a lot of this money, so Obama wasn't able to propose any new plan that cut these corporations out of any of their profits. Obama began his campaign advocating a Single Payer system that works great all over the world, but ended up with a plan that actually ends up being more of a govt. subsidy to the health care industry, and still leaves millions uninsured. So it's really a compromise that -nobody- likes. 8^<

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't want my taxes increased, but Health Insurance needs to get real. Insurance companies are way out of line. We pay premiums through the nose for very little coverage. This is not only health insurance but home and auto also.

    I don't like the insurance companies and I definitely don't like government running health care, but the insurance companies have been warned and they continually ignore the warning. They are a greedy, godless bunch and Government will make all health care worse and government will totally destroy these insurance companies who don't have enough sense to regulate themselves and quit the excessive profitability which is actual theft of the American people. Government wants to control all aspects of health care so they can lower the governments expense for it. The American people lose either way. Regardless whether greed comes from government or greed comes from the insurance companies, greed is greed and the citizens suffer.

    All I can tell the US government is you can't get blood out of a turnip and the same goes for the greedy insurance companies. And when these turnips quit making the wheels turn, we all lose!!!

    So everybody needs to get their hearts right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because real Americans work hard for their money and like to buy nice QUALITY items with that money. Like now, healthcare is the best in the world, not in terms of cost, but it is the most advanced in the US. With Obama care, it will be like waiting in line for some shitty free government run program and will completely suck.

    Private healthcare=Quality over quantity.

    Obamacare=Quantity over quality.

    Didn't the Obama administration tell women to wait til' 50 to get mammograms? Sounds like he really cares about the good of the people.

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  • 3 years ago

    Good Lord....we are living in a Constitutional Republic no longer a real Democracy. We vote for representatives who in flip make and vote on legislation for us. When is the final time you noticed a countrywide referendum to your poll.....allow me support you....NEVER. Some of you folks must take a civics magnificence.

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  • x x
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    1 decade ago

    There is no debate. The Dem dusted off their old Hillary care put more teeth in it, a whole lot more taxes and said to everyone else "SHUT UP". "Elections have consequences".

    Source(s): You are not going to like the rationed heath care takeover.
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  • 1 decade ago

    It's 1 sided and does not represent what the majority of Americans agree on. It's also illegal.

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  • As with Watergate, "follow the money." The health insurance industry adds 30% to the bill and hand it over to their shareholders and corporate officers, who in turn lubricate the doors to right wing politicians, who vote against the interests of their constituents to keep the money flowing. They don't heal, they don't comfort, they don't help. A useless industry if ever there was one, and sadly, uniquely American.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    At least some of us don't want to massively increase taxes and the deficit for what is a pork filled massive entitlement program that won't "reform" health care or lower costs at all!

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