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? asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

what is crate training?

i had a question be for about my dog and all the answers said to crate train him ... what does that mean??

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    Crate training uses the theory that dogs are den animals in nature and prefer a small closed in area to sleep in. Dogs also will not mess where they sleep.

    Crate training uses a crate large enough for your dog to turn around in (too big and it won't be effective). While housebreaking, the pup should go in whenever he cannot be closely watched. As I mentioned they will tend not to mess where they sleep, so it prevents accidents. You also have to realize that at a certain point, the dog will just need to go and go anyway, so taking the pup out at regular intervals is also important.

    Crates also keep dogs out of mischief when they are not supervised, whether you are out or making supper. Dogs can get into a lot of dangerous stuff, things they should eat or chew on, while you are out. If they are safely in the crate, they cannot do damage to your house or harm to themselves.

    Pups usually cry at first when using the crate, but will come to like it. Many will go in there during the day if the door is left open. It is also great when you have a lot of people over, the dog has their own spot to go to if overwhelmed.

    There are a few important rules to remember when using a crate, number one is it is NOT used for punishment. Ever. If the dog gets into something, you can put him in the crate, but you do not scold or use the crate command if the dog is in trouble.

    Second, when training at first, never remove the pup when it is crying. It will teach them crying= getting out and will encourage the behavior.

    There are tons of links on the net, just google crate training.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Crate training is where you put your dog in a crate or kennel when you are not at a home and when you are sleeping. The dog begins to think of the crate as its den, and will feel very safe there. The reason I think crate training is great, is that your dog won't be inclined to go to the bathroom in there, because dogs generally don't do that it their dens. This will help your puppy to learn to hold it.

    There are some guidelines that you follow, with regards to crate training, ex. how long can the dog be in his crate at a time, when you can stop putting him in there when you are gone, etc.

    You can find more info about it through this link:

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  • 1 decade ago

    when people train their dogs they use the crate to keep it from going to the bathroom in the house because dogs naturally have very good Hygiene and they don't go to the bathroom where they sleep or lie down so they learn to hold it. another reason is to punish them but i highly don't recommend doing that with any pet to crate train you should use the crate as something they want to go in so when you come home they aren't mad at you for leaving them in a place they don't like .

    p.s. if your trying to crate train a dog put toys a food bowl water and something for it to lie down on and don't over do it

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  • 1 decade ago

    It means confining the dog to a small area to help house training. You really don't need a crate to do this, a small bathroom will work. Do not leave for hours and leave the dog crated and never leave food in the crate. Water is fine though but make sure it can't be tipped over.

    Dogs tend not to want to relieve themselves where they sleep which is why it works.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is when you train your dog not to pee in his own crate. This is pretty easy since dogs don't like to lie down in there own waste. If it is a puppy, that is small ansd there is room for the puppy to go to the bathroom in it, then get a divider for the crate. Hope I helped! :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's like house braking except you have her in the kennel it's so she/he would not use the bathroom in the kennel

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