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I'm a 15 year old girl and i want to build muscle and lose some fat.?

I'm already kind of muscular but I'd like to lose some fat to make it a bit more noticeable but I woud like to build a little some more muscle I dont want to be one of those "skinny Girls". I lift weights at school 4 days a week and it seems to help. I have an ankle injury so I can't start running until I'm done with physical therapy. Also I already slightly have V lines and I'd like them to be more noticeable and I want to lose some of the fat in my (thighs stomach and Lower back). Anything to help like what I should eat to build muscle and what excercises would be good for me. Thanks!

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    Try the lil jack workout

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    it really works

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    cut down on carbs, eat more protein...very important post-workout. swiming is a great exercise, i think you can do that even with an injured ankle. they low weight high reps...that's wrong, heavy weight's results stay around longer, do sets 12-10-8, and 5 pounds after each set. next week you start with more weight.... only take 20 seconds in between sets, that's the best way to burn fat.

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    Keep doing what you are doing and start running, cycling, walking, swimming, dance, etc. as soon as you are able. as far as diet goes just eat healthy and maintain a reasonable weight. Let your mirror be your guide. The important thing is body fat percentage, not how much you weigh. 21% body fat would be a good target.

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    as a guy this is kinda weird but ur best bet is doing a lot of ab work outs, and if u knw what a push and a pull r to build upper body strength do 2 pulls for every push, and if ur mostly worried about ur mid section free weights wont help, u should do most of it on ur at own, sit ups inclined sit ups there is a lot u can do for ur midsection

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