making your own sauces and spice rack suggestions?

my friend recently has been really into making his own sauces for wings as well as just chicken and other foods. he has just been experimenting, but i want to look into getting him something for christmas that can help him with it. maybe a kit or something. ive already seen "make your own hot sauce kit" and while it looks cool it comes with only a few spices and he has a ton of his own. i was thinking maybe bottles to store them in or like tools to make them or like a book to help? i dont know, i am trying to think of cool ideas to help out but i cant really find what im looking for.

i thought about getting him a new spice rack, but i want something more than the typical spice rack everyone has in their kitchen.

so christmas ideas for someone getting started making their own sauces and any cool spice racks.


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    I have limited counter space, and so didn't want to take up room with a spice rack. At the office supply store, I found small metal tins with a large magnet on the back. They have a clear cover. I've since seen them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, too. I bought a dozen of them, filled them with my favorite spices and dried herbs, put a label on the side identifying what's inside, and then stuck them to the side of my refrigerator. They look cool with the various greens, oranges and yellows, and the different textures of powders, seeds and leaves showing through the clear lids. I arranged them in a neat diamond-shaped pattern. It's easy for me to find whatever spice/herb I'm looking for, it doesn't take up any room, and it looks cool. They also have a shaker built into the side of the lid for ease of use.

    If the side of the refrigerator isn't a good display space, you could mount a cookie sheet to the bottom of a cabinet, the inside of a door, or the wall of a pantry closet and stick the magnets to that.

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    whilst i % to characteristic a spice, and that i've got a drawer packed with spice jars, I sniff each and each spice or herb and think of approximately the way it may style with regardless of this is i'm cooking. If i might desire to style what's interior the pot first, I try this, or I sniff the pot, then the spice or herb - perhaps countless cases till i'm able to settle on. don't be afraid to test. while you're thinking of arising a great batch of something, get it began and then positioned a small quantity in a small pot and simmer it with the herb you're thinking of going with, then style it. I particularly have got here across it takes approximately 20 minutes of simmering for many herbs/spices to meld appropriate interior the dish. The flavors of loads of spices look better after being interior the refrigerator in one day following the cooking. in case you stumble on a mix you like, write it down! chuffed cooking!

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