Is Obama health bill against insurance company abuse or not?

With sky high insurance health premium, will it not make a sense that 31 million uninsured American stand behind Obama?

Is America so poor to give affordable health care to all Americans?

What is wrong with being provided a choice of health care coverage?

Must everyone be stuck with greedy insurance companies?

Do America christians/conservative/republicans care more for restricted choices(monopolistic insurance companies)than for fellow not sure money loaded Americans?

What kind of christian country has mighty money to wage wars but has no money to look after the health of it's own needy people?

What kind of christian/Godly country has all the money to go to space but cannot afford health care on our earth?

What kind of christian will vote for wars but vote against health care for their fellow citizens?

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    It is not "against" insurance companies themselves. If it were then it would go straight to a single payer system or universal health care. Yes it is to offset abuse by the Health Insurance Companies who have raised premiums 3 times faster then inflation and wage increases while fraudulently dropping those who dare to get ill after paying those premiums for years while in good health, or are laid off having a preexisting condition.

    July 1, 2009

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    Heading for the emergency room

    Jun 25th 2009 | WASHINGTON, DC

    From The Economist print edition

    America’s health care is the costliest in the world, yet quality is patchy and millions are uninsured...

    "If getting incentives right can mobilise even a state-run health systemmlike Sweden's, surely there is scope for such reforms to fix America's mess too. If the United States couples its efforts to expand coverage with such a radical restructuring of the underlying drivers of cost inflation, there is every reason to think its health system can become the best in the world--and not merely the priciest."

    Lack of Competition

    Comparison of Employer-Sponsored Insurance Family Premium Growth to Wage Growth


    State Premium Growth (%) Wage growth (%)

    Alaska 145 35

    Oregon 139 39

    Indiana 136 42

    Connecticut 135 55

    District of Columbia 133 46

    Delaware 132 42

    Arizona 132 45

    Wyoming 130 55

    Washington 129 46

    Minnesota 128 48

    Tennessee 126 49

    West Virginia 123 39

    Rhode Island 122 38

    Florida 121 43

    Maine 120 35

    Alabama 119 40

    Iowa 119 45

    Massachusetts 119 35

    New Hampshire 119 45

    Nebraska 118 53

    California 118 44

    New Mexico 118 50

    Arkansas 117 32

    North Carolina 117 36

    South Carolina 116 39

    Vermont 114 38

    Colorado 114 46

    Georgia 113 39

    Utah 113 44

    Mississippi 112 46

    Missouri 112 46

    Kentucky 111 42

    Pennsylvania 110 50

    Montana 110 44

    Virginia 109 41

    Wisconsin 108 30

    Ohio 108 40

    Hawaii 107 37

    Kansas 105 39

    New York 105 44

    South Dakota 104 33

    Illinois 103 45

    North Dakota 101 37

    Texas 100 41

    Nevada 97 43

    Maryland 96 44

    Oklahoma 96 47

    Idaho 96 43

    New Jersey 95 38

    Louisiana 89 44

    Michigan 88 52

    Premium data obtained from the Center for Financing, Access and Cost Trends, AHRQ, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey - Insurance Component, 1999, Table II.D.1 and the Center for Financing, Access and Cost Trends, AHRQ, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey - Insurance Component, 2008, Table X.D. Premiums for 2009 were projected from 2008 based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, “National Health Expenditure Data.”

    3 Wage data is from NBER extracts of MORG and available at

    Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle - Yahoo! News

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  • 1 decade ago

    If your problem is covering the needy people,then why don't they just find a way to insure them and not change the way it works for the other 270 million Americans. Reform the way it works, don't throw it out and start over. Health insurance companies make relatively low profits, contrary to what the democrats say. We need to change the way it works, forget state lines, add rules to stop them from dropping because of illness. We have today the best doctors in the world. Lets not make it so that Americans have to go oversees to get quality healthcare.

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  • 4 years ago

    No. The insurance premiums have an indirect price control: They're capped at a certain value per month lest they're taxed in a way so punitive that no company would make a profit from selling them. Problem solved :P.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You put it quite well, what would a christian do?

    Could the demise of the motto, "You maim 'em, we'll drain 'em", be a thing of the past for workers and soldiers? No wonder insurance company bean counters have their undies in a bundle.

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  • daisy
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    1 decade ago

    It is wrong because they are going to take the choice away from us? They need to fix what is wrong, not redo the entire system. If this bill was so wonderful why are they bribing senators to vote for it. And the exemptions for certain states, and who do you think is going to pay for this?

    This is not about health care.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it's not. being given a choice of health care coverage is not the same as being forced to get one.

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