Can anyone give me a workout routine for to get into basketball shape in 3 weeks?

I haven't played basketball in about a month and I want to get in shape for a competition 3 weeks from now. Can anyone give me a basketball workout routine involving upper body exercises, cardio, shooting, lay ups, dribbling, pretty much everything.


I'm 15, 6ft3, 175 pounds and play center.

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    Running will win the game. It all comes down to the 4th quarter when everyone else is tired. Push your self and STRETCH too. Stretch all muscles and hold for 30 seconds before and after a work-out. Do the regular push ups, sit ups, pull ups and what not. When shooting, start with small shots and work to the threes. Make your free throws!! Free-throws should be practiced not when you are all loose, but after you are tired and weak. This is how it will be in a game. Dribble a lot too. Get the ball go between your legs 4 times, around your waist 4 times and above your head 4 times. Keep doing this pattern while standing in one place, ( don't let the ball hit the floor) it sounds dumb, but it really improves your awareness of the ball and your handling. go as fast as you can! It really improved mine! Just out-hustle everyone and don't get down if you make a mistake. Learn from it and don't do it again! Get low on defense. Balls of your feet and don't be afraid to get physical. Don't be a Wimp. Go to the hoop and make your defender afraid. Go out there and do your absolute best!!! Watch a player and try to pick up on their strengths.

    Good luck! :)

    Oh and since you're obviously a forward, work on your post moves and go up STRONG! dont miss those inside shots!!

    Source(s): pretty sure i know what im talking about. im same age, and i play for a highschool :)
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    Hey man.

    Good luck this season - I suggest checking out - they've got a lot of interesting stuff. I went on there and have became a frequent visitor.

    I would suggest checking out dwight howard's anti gravity workout ton increase explosiveness and leg power.

    They also have the LeBron james workout.

    I say size these up. There are millions of different workouts out there. Basing yours off a Pro can't be a bad idea!

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    50 push ups and 50 situps every day . do curls with 20s 25s what ever you can lift. practice every day for at least 2 hours also just running up to the basket and do and doing like a lay up without the ball or with it just to work on your upper body that helps.

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    do sum pushups situps, sum w8lifting, and try to run up and down the court while tryn to make layups on both ends of the floor. then keep practicing.

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    You need to workout your lower body too. Sqauts good mornings calf raises.

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