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Germany in second world war

responsity of Germany in the second world war


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    Germany in second world war

    Refer to your question, Germany should take the mainly repsposbility of The Second World War which had its roots in the willingness of Japanese militarist, German Nazis and Italian Fascists to go to war to get their own way. Their countries had grievances, which militarists, Nazis and Fascists strenuously encouraged. For instance, the flaws in the Peace Settlement after the end of the First World War, which were exploited by unscrupulous leaders to predispose on power. Mainly, The Second World War occurred because Japan and Germany were prepared to use force for illegitimate purposes. Their reasons were partly economic, the pursuit for supplies which could only be obtained by plundering. Equally important might have been the role of the League of Nations which in its origins was severely handicapped by the non-membership of the U.S.A and eventually showed many weaknesses which tempted the aggressors to strike. Another cause that might have contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War was that there was a permanent lack of trust between Britain and France and both failed to tackle the problem of involving the USSR in a policy of collective security. Under Stalin's ruthless rule, Russia seemed as unattractive to the democratic powers as Hitler's Germany.

    This helped Hitler to sign a non-aggression pact with the Russians in order to remove any possibility of a war on two fronts. But Poland was only one among many victims. This causes a problem because any conflict can cause a major war. Only in their brief celebrations of victory over a monstrous evil would people imagine that universal peace and goodwill could be born out of global war. Two positive consequences can be stand out from the Second World War, which among others were great achievements of the Twentieth Century.

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    They provide monetary loans to developing countries through the World Bank to help them achieve their goals. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan were completely defeated and then transformed into unthreatening democracies.

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    When the Russians were excluded from the Munich Conference began to argue that the West showed its contempt and perhaps something more sinister, a readiness to come together with Hitler against communism. The final tragedy which made war in Europe inevitable in 1939 was that

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    Britain and France reached no agreement with Russia. In 1945, fifty nations signed the charter of the United Nations Organization at San Francisco. Ethiopia, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Albania followed. Many times the UN has failed to keep the peace,

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    but it remained in the heart of the problem and helped the nations involved resolve their problems. A, were convinced that the other wanted to destroy its way of life, so the Americans and the Russians began to distrust each other during many years.

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