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My Future,......,>>20點<<趕趕

My Futuer..







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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let me help you ^^

    In the future, I want to be a super star because I want to be famous / I like perfor

    ming on the stage. I can show off myself and when I become a famous popsta

    r , I can take photo with my fans and sign for them. I think it is a pleasure to be

    a star. When I watch TV every day , I always think they are beautiful /sharp / su

    ccessful . Therefore I want to be a star performing on the stage successfully . Al

    though this job is very toilsome / painstaking(辛苦) , I will not be afraid and marc

    hing forward courageously , until achieve the target. If my dreams have come tur

    e , I will be very happy .

    Hope I can help YOU ^^

    But , next time ,try to do it by yourself,OK ?? ^^


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