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My name is xxx. I was born on Oct/04, 1987 in Kaohsiung. I graduated from NKMU. There are five members in my family .I have an old sister and a younger sister. I am the second child in the home. Because my father works is unstable and always unemployed, my mother has the economic pressures to work diligently. I must share in the family business and look after the younger sister. Causes me careful , responsible and independent individuality.

From the study discovered that I am filling the enthusiasm to navigation. Experinces the life at sea to understand the crew working condition and the life state. I have obtained the officer certificate…………證書跳過從”明白船員的職業是非常國際化的”之後我就寫不出來了










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    My name is XXX. I was born in Kaohsjung on Oct. 4, 1987. I was graduated from NKMU in xxxx(年). There are three children in my family, and I am the middle one. My father works now and then. He is unemployed most of time. My mother is the one who provides financial support for my family. She works so hard. My sister and I have to share the chore in the house and take care our young sister since we were kids. It makes me become independent and responsible.

    I stepped into the field of navigation since I enrolled in NKMU. I realize my interest and enthusiasm in navigation by constant study. I have been practiced in WanHai for a short time before I graduated from NKMU. I experienced the live at sea. In addition, I understood crew's working environment and living status. Furthermore, I am pretty sure that I like to engage myself into the navigation in the future.

    During the period in the Technique School, I was not only studying and learning hard, but also passing the test for first-class navigating officer(航海人員一等船副特考). I have completed lots of training as a sailor, such as medical first aid(醫療急救), advanced fire fighting(進階滅火), liquid freighter (液體貨船), operating radar ARPA (操作級雷達ARPA), GMDSS for general purpose (通用級GMDSS), and operation of lifeboat raft (救生艇筏及救難挺操縱). As a sailor(船副), I understand that English ability is very important. My TOEIC score has been improved from 265 to 460. And I keep making progress on my English capability.

    My parents support me to be a sailor and expect me to improve the financial status of my family. I am well prepared to be a sailor(船副) since I have those skills that a sailor(船副) has been required. I will work hard and aggressively. I hope that I can get a chance to prove that I am an excellent sailor(船副). I will do my best to contribute for the company.



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