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Driving in Los Angeles?

Im 21 and thinking of moving to L.A but im curious to know is driving in Los Angeles easy or difficult? are the drivers there good or unsafe? Please give me some tips and advice PLEASEE.. Thanks

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    Truth be known -- Los Angeles is among the safest for traffic, fewer accidents per car, per mile, etc.. However, that is with a base of about 13,000,000 to 19,000,000 people, depending on if you include the Inland Empire -- So.Cal. has a greater population than any of the 48 States other than California and Texas. Traffic is high volume -- we are ranked #1 in traffic congestion. There are a lot of us here and even if the accident *rate* is low there are many accidents due to having many people. The really bad drivers get trained or weeded out -- for the most part drivers in L.A. are compentent and safe.

    Easy, difficult? I find it easy, but I've lived here since '65. What driving in L.A. is not is relaxing. What I have noticed on trips is that once out of L.A. I can relax more while driving. Driving in L.A., more so than elsewhere, requires your full attention if you wish to remain untouched by others.

    Source(s): I don't get stuck in traffic -- I ride a motorcycle!
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    Whatever that is going to happen will happen. it doesn't matter where it is. i live in L.A, and still breathing.. -:)

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    i agree. but i will say this. what they say about how bad the traffic is in LA. is true. so if you have a lot patience to be stuck in traffic then welcome to LA! where do you live now?

    Source(s): i live in L.A.!
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