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What are the chances of death and complications of gastric bypass?

What are the chances of death and complications for me getting gastric bypass surgery? I already know I'm getting it and I'm about to go through therapy. Here are some details that might be of help:

• I'm 15.

• I'm 330lbs.

• I'm 6'5".

Please give me an estimate on what my chances of death or major complications are! I really want to know!

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    The chances of death during gastric bypass surgery are very slim. The procedure is very safe. Every patient is different, so the chances or complications will differ. Much of it will have to do with what shape you are in prior to the surgery. Your doctor will take all of that into consideration and will tell you what complications can arise. At your age they may not even consider the surgery. Your body is going through a lot of changes.

    See your doctor and have him/her refer you to a bariatric surgeon. The surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate and will probably put you on a weigh loss program first. The process from the time of your initial consultation and when the surgery takes place can be several months.

    I had a gastric bypass three years ago and now head the local support group for weight loss patients. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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    I don't know much about this, but due to modern advancements, this surgery is actually pretty safe! Two days before receiving the surgery, you are supposed to refrain from eating. Most people who die, or experience complications have eaten before the surgery, lied, and said they didn't.

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