running men? any one every heard of these?

there is this creature that my friends talk about called a "running man" i cant seem to find a picture of them but they are something to behold. They are thin talk human looking creature but their skin is gray as ash and elongated foreheads. the craziest part is their legs bend backwards instead of forwards which helps them run freakishly fast. that's why they are called running men. they show up when you drive on forested or country roads. they run as fast as they possibly can to you car, appearing to be on a collision course but right at the last second they either stop or pivot to run along side your car.

it may sound dumb but can you imagine some dead looking alien man thing running right at your car in the middle of no where?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hmm i have never heard of anything like that but wow sounds scay i would freak out especially if i was alone

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "The Running Man" was a movie starring Arnold Swracrcrhernergger.

    I have not heard of the monster. No, I cannot imagine it.

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