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Why do i keep getting heart palpitations?

Ok, I'm 17 years old, turning 18 next month. Since about this past summer i've had heart palpitations but I didn't know thats what they were classified as until about 3 weeks ago when i went to the doctor.

A lot of times when im sitting on the floor or im laying in a way on the couch in a position as if im sinking into the couch, thats when i usually feel them. Now, I was very scared because I thought it was SVT but my doctor told me it was palpitations. All he did when i went there was basically say "It's not SVT, it's palpitations." Then he just went on to talk about my blood work results and said "You have very high cholesterol. For a person your age, you should have under 100 but your number is 148." So now I know i have real high cholesterol. He didn't say this (I don't think) but can my high cholestreol be causing my heart palpitations? Please...I'm dying for an answer..

The time i had the worst palpitation was about a month ago, I had just eaten some chocolate ice cream then i sat on my computer chair and my heart felt like it was fluttering badly...then it would stop...then it would flutter again...then stop...then it would keep fluttering...until about 30 seconds later it stopped. And remember, this was after I ate chocolate ice cream (caffeine.)

I just had another bad palpitation this morning and now it seems like i keep having minor ones and im so distraught...

What can i do? The doctor didn't really say anything how to cure them. I've read that grapes/ grape juice can cure them? I don't know how that is..isn't grapes just balls of sugar? but if people say it'll cure it then by all means, ill try it. i bought some Welshs grape juice and im gonna try to get my hands on some grapes. Will they cure it?

Also, is my high cholesterol triggering it? I haven't eaten chocolate ever since the incident (i think.) In fact, the bad palpitation happened about a half hour ago and i havent eaten since around 6 or 7:00 last night... please somebody give me an answer and a hopefully simple solution.

Always Appreciated


also, i should add that i am..i hate to say it, but im lazy. i am ALWAYS on the computer and get very little exercise...can exercise cure it?

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    I have had palpitations for over 15 years, and my total cholesterol stays around 200. Cholesterol is divided into LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol, and I'm assuming your 100 level was one of these readings. High cholesterol typically does not cause palpitations.

    Yes, caffeine can cause palpitations. Anxiety and stress can cause them also. Among otherwise healthy people, anxiety/stress are one of the major triggers of palpitations.

    You've mentioned that sitting in a slumped position can cause palpitations. There is a large, long nerve called the vagus nerve that literally wanders from your brain throughout your body. (Vagus means "wanderer".) I have read that pressure on the vagus nerve can trigger palpitations.

    And since the vagus nerve innervates (carries messages to) other organs it's possible that overeating (which you don't mention, but which some of us do occasionally) and even something as simple as gas or constipation can trigger palpitations.

    GERD (acid reflux disease) can trigger palpitations. This happens frequently to me. GERD can cause your esophagus and the surrounding area to become inflamed and irritated, triggering palpitations.

    Of course, sometimes palpitations are idiopathic (no known cause) and harmless, but annoying and alarming.

    Can grape juice help palpitations? I have read about this, but can't comment on it as I haven't had any personal experience with it. Be sure you get 100% grape juice without added sugar, and don't drink unlimited quantities of it, as spiking your blood sugar won't help your palpitations.

    I realize this is a lot of information, and not all of it is strictly medically proven, but I have had palpitations for many years. My doctor has ruled out disease or cardiac problems, and mine tend to come after a tough day of teaching teenagers.

    And as another poster mentioned, exercise may help you. I exercise even when I'm having palpitations and I find it helps.

    Source(s): Healthcare teaching assistant.
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    Obviously, I can't do a full assessment over the internet, but my first thought is that it sounds like anxiety. Couple that with the melatonin and caffeine that you had, and it could easily cause an increased heart rate. My suggestion would be to limit your caffeine intake and see if that helps. Also, it would be good to know what you mean by palpitations. Many people misuse this term. Does it feel like your heart is "pounding" or "racing"? The next time, you feel the palpitations, count your pulse. Do this by couting the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by 4. If the result is around 100-130 or so, I would lean toward anxiety being the cause. If it's 150-160 or more, it could be a disorder called paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT). This is not a life-threatening disorder, but more of a nuisance. I really don't believe this is what you're experiencing, but I'm just throwing it out there as a possibility. This can be treated and controlled with medication. Another possibility would be atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) but that is highly unlikely for someone your age. Again, A-Fib can be controlled with medication. The more I think about it, the more I believe this is probably anxiety, but your doctor can run tests that will be more definitive. Good luck!

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    High Cholesterol And Heart Palpitations

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    I had a similar problem for a long time. When I went to the doctor he said, despite my high cholesterol, my palpitations were more than likely caused by stress. So I recommend not stressing so hard about the palpitations, definitely reducing your caffeine intake, and if you're not willing to exercise, at least eat a bit healthier. Stay away from high cholesterol and high saturated fat foods, first of all. For example, replacing ice cream, with milk-less ice cream. I guarantee you, I've tried it and it's delicious. :3 Simple meals with lots of omega 3 and fiber help as well. For example, oatmeal, whole wheat foods, fruits and veggies, granola, etc. Also, staying away from animal products is key. I'm not saying go vegan, but keep away from high fat foods such as eggs, yogurts, cheeses and dressings, etc. Seafood (such as salmon) and poultry are good animal products to consider when your cholesterol is high, but stay away from shellfish such as lobster, oysters etc. If you like fried food, try fying your food in olive oil, or other oils low in saturated fat or cholesterol. Switching the butter I used helped alot as well. I've lived with cholesterol and palpitations for awhile and when I changed my diet and lifestyle (to a more calmer, minimal stress environment) my palpitations got better. Hopefully, my advice works for you as well. Hope you feel better!

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    Natural Cholesterol Guide?

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