Which of these names do you like best (or more than one)?

Which of these names do you like best (or more than one)? I am looking for something different and unique.


1. Marcy

2. Arielle

3. Bianca

4. Imogen

5. Alyce

6. Olivia


1. Laurence (“Laurie”)

2. Donovan

3. Tristan

4. Cornelius

5. Damian

6. Erik

7. Henrik

8. Ashley


I forgot my other two girls names: Karoline and Lorien

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    1. Marcy - YES - Different but pretty - SUGGESTION - Darcie

    2. Arielle - NO - Reminds me of cartoons for some reason - SUGGESTION - April

    3. Bianca - YES - Very sweet sounding, and its not common - SUGGESTION - Belinda

    4. Imogen - YES - Unusual and elegant - SUGGESTION - Ivy

    5. Alyce - NO - Misspelling of an extremely common (although nice) name - SUGGESTION - Emilia

    6. Olivia - YES - If you want something unique steer clear of this name - SUGGESTION - Ophelia


    1. Laurence (“Laurie”) - NO - Not fitting for this day and age - SUGGESTION - Leon

    2. Donovan - YES - Very interesting - SUGGESTION - Desmond

    3. Tristan - YES - Love love love it - SUGGESTION - Travis

    4. Cornelius - NO - Love it, but its just a recipe for teasing - SUGGESTION - Julius

    5. Damian - YES - Very dark and mysterious - SUGGESTION - Dimitri

    6. Erik - MAYBE - If spelt Eric, great - SUGGESTION - Otis

    7. Henrik - YES - Very interesting, and I actually like the K - SUGGESTION - Harris

    8. Ashley - NO - Unisex names cause confusion - SUGGESTION - Asher

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    Marcy: Reminds me of a Department Store

    Arielle: Is cute but its a Mermaid

    Bianca: Breath spray

    Imogen: I don't even know how to pronounce this one.

    Alyce: Sounds like an old lady

    Olivia: Olive

    Sorry, I don't really care for any of them. I hope you like brutal honesty, that's just how I am (not trying to be mean). Now for the boys...

    Laurence (Laurie): Martin Laurence and Laurie is my Mother in Laws name

    Donovan: I like this one.

    Tristan: LOVE

    Cornelius: HATE HATE HATE

    Damian: Like the way it sounds, but the little boy in the OMEN was named Damian and he was the son of the Devil.

    Erik: Not unique

    Hendrik: Like this one and so far it is the most unique

    Ashley: I knew this guy named Ashley and he was a short fat quy who drove a huge truck and had little man syndrome. That ruined it for me.

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    In order of my best to worst


    1. Olivia

    2. Bianca

    3. Imogen

    4. Marcy

    5. Arielle

    6. Alyce


    1. Donovan

    2. Tristan

    3. Erik

    4. Cornelius

    5. Laurence

    6. Henrik

    7. Damian

    8. Ashley (I HATE this on a boy, it's a GIRL'S NAME!)

    I love the name Donovan soooooo much! It's so unique but not weird or crazy.

  • Imogen


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    1 decade ago

    Female: Alyce and Marcy - although I prefer Alyce spelt as Alice and I like Marcia as opposed to Marcy

    Male: Ashley and Tristan - In my opinion "Laurie" is girlie sounding

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    Love Imogen and Arielle :o)

    My favorites from your boys are Laurence "Laurie" (I LOVE Little Women), and Tristan.

    Great names!

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    1 decade ago

    Girls: Olivia

    Boys: Tristan

  • 1 decade ago

    Girls- Marcy

    Boys- Tristan

  • 1 decade ago

    For female- Alyce (the spelling gives it character, as well as the name), and for male- Damian is just about the most adorable, unique name!

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    Girls - Arielle and Marcy

    Males- Tristan and Damian

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