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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Tito Ortiz or Forrest Griffin?

Who will win in the Octagon?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    only been k.o. 2 times

    and lost to the best..liddell 2 times, frank shamrock back in the day due to submission strikes and than got his a## beat by couture for a decison..he also had an early loss against guy mezge, than he won rematch..not to mention he only recently lost to lyoto machida

    Tito has 8 k.o/tko wins

    most due to his ground and pound

    he isnt that great..just his takedowns to an extent

    besides beatin an old ken shamrock who was way way past his prime 3 times.who else has tito beaten, he beat evan tanner due to a slam, and than guy mezger, but other than that..defeating Elvis sinsoic who is negative wins know and has always sucked and beating yuki kondo is not impresive..tito had 1 of the most Easiest title defenses


    tito could barley beat

    griffin the first time

    and Vitor

    and cote


    however i feel is 100%

    he will never be in his prime or a title holder again..but im sure his Ground and pound will get him the win


    has been k.o. 2 times in a row

    and isnt even old

    and has never had a prime

    and hasent beaten anyone good besides shogun, an injured shogun who was gassed..and he didnt beat rampage in my eyes



    he has k.o./tko only 3 people out of his 16 wins!!

    1 was cause a cut

    so that dosent count as him k.o. or having good hands, not to mention he strugled to travis fulton..

    OH and than Forrest Stopped sucky Elvis Sinosic who is 8 and 11 loses..Elvis has no game or chin

    oh and than forrest knocked out edson paradeo- someone no one has ever heard of???

    forrest has 7 submission wins

    and 6 by decision

    i doubt he will beat Tito if he does its by decision


    only has descent kickboxing, but that against a top striker or a guy like tito who looks to take you down, will cause forrest to be on his back much quicker espically if he looks to kick tito..Forrest likes to brawl but with only 3 k.o. wins

    none against anyone good

    and 1 cause of a cut

    he Does not have K.O. power or great hands

    and he has been K.O. already 4 times

    all without having a prime


    2nd round late tko

  • 1 decade ago

    Tito Ortiz is in great shape now. For the first time in forever he is at 100%. He is only 34, I think Tito Ortiz is going to start whipping some ***. I think Forrest is going to have one more lose on his record. I call this a Unanimous Decision in favor of Tito. Lets face it when is the last time Tito finished someone?

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm with Johnny. Oritz will win. He's said he's 100% and that his back hasn't been bothering him at all. His back was bad when he faced Griffin and his back had been bad compliments of the great Randy Couture. I say if he's back 100% he will win. Unanimous decision I say as well simply because Griffin is going to try very hard. We are going to see the Griffin of Rampage's fight. This si gonna be a dog fight because they both want to get back to title contention.

    I just can't see him winning the title again because he'd have to pull a victory over Shogun, Evans and Machida. Almost feel as though Evans wants to win the title more than ever.

  • 1 decade ago

    griffin. ortiz will get the dust knocked out of him

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  • 1 decade ago

    Forrest for sure cant wait for the fight to night

    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    ortiz's time has passed him by. he's done, and the fact that he is too one dimensional now will be his undoing

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