EWE Survivor Series Promo and WQ?

Ladies and Gentlemen, EWE Survivor Series will be posted immediately after this! Don't forget to check out all the action and Title Matches going along with this event. Along with 2 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Matches!

We'll start this show with an Interview with EWE X Division Champion, Amazing Red who will be defending his Title at Survivor Series in a 10-Man Elimination Match!

Gregory Helms: "Amazing Red, this Saturday you defend your Title against 9 EWE Wrestlers. How do you feel going into this match?"

Red: "Helms I feel no pain and no remorse as I step in that ring. I will retain my gold!"


Joey: "So, Mick Foley has stacked the deck? Pitting me in a match with the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar for my World Title? Foley you have just opened the blood gates to hell. In which you can not return, but I do give you praise for making this Ground-Breaking Survivor Series Main Event. Therefore I will not be firing you this week. But, there's always next week Foley."

IN OUR NEXT PROMO, YOU WILL SEE AN INTERVIEW WITH THE EWE World Tag Team Champions, Thomas Rule and Mr. USAhole about the Tag Title Match against 3-Minute Warning! AND MORE..................

WQ: Who would you like to see walk out as WWE Champion 2morrow night? John Cena, The Heart-Break Kid, or The Game, King of Kings Triple H?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's nice to see ya again. I really hope Cena retains, even though I utterly despise his wannabe marine ***. The WWE Championship needs a decent reign. Undertaker isn't even 100% and he is having a better reign than him.

    Don't be surprised if Triple H wins. He was the one pinned on RAW, HE was the one not to use his finisher on RAW. Will he use it this Sunday? GOOD LORD!

    Source(s): "Now GO, and feel the power of wisdom!". -- John Morrison
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  • 4 years ago

    Ultimate X:Tag Team match Match 1:Kane & Big Show Promo 2-10/10 Triple Threat Match Match 3-CM Punk Hardcore Match Match 4-Luis V 5-on-5 Traditional Surviver Series Elimination match Match 5-in order of Elimination Team Orton- Randy Orton Eliminated Tyson Kidd Team Orton- Desmond Wolfe Eliminated Austin Aries Team Dman-Alex Dman Eliminated Zack Ryder.. ♔ After 20 Minutes Team Orton is up 2-1 Score ♔ Team Dman- Stone Cold Eliminated Ric Flair Team Dman- DH Smith Eliminated Cody Rhodes Team Orton- Randy Orton Eliminated DH Smith ♔ After 35 Minutes Official Score is Tie 3-3 Score ♔ Team Dman- Alex Dman Eliminated Desmond Wolfe Team Orton- Randy Orton Eliminated Alex Dman Team Dman- Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Randy Orton ♔ After over 45 Minutes Team Dman wins 5-4 ♔ Promo 3- 10/10 EWE World Heavyweight Championship Main Event -10/10 WQ: Guess So? I expect Cena back at Royal Rumble

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  • 1 decade ago

    WQ) Shawm Michaels deserves one more run as Champion

    Good Promos but where is your Survivor Series PPV?

    Source(s): your viewers is waiting for your PPV to be posted
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  • Look.if this was an e-fed i wouldn't say anything but it's not so...who cares?

    WQ:HBK Of Course

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Make a youtube video for it.

    Source(s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNg4sYFGMUQ My Survivor Series Predictions!
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