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Where can i buy a legit suppressor for a handgun? will every handgun adapt to a suppressor?

Will this process make it legal for me to buy a suppressor in the US?

this is straight out of a link from Wikipedia.

it say's "38 out of the 50 states" does that include IL?

anything else i should know about suppressors?

no i am not going to kill anyone, i just like having unique things.

North America

In Canada, a device to muffle or stop the sound of a firearm is a "prohibited device" under the Criminal Code.[14] A prohibited device is not inherently illegal in Canada but it does require an uncommon and very specific prohibited device license for its possession, use, and transport. Suppressors cannot be imported into the country.[15]

The United States taxes and strictly regulates the manufacture and sale of suppressors under the National Firearms Act. They are legal for individuals to possess and use for lawful purposes in thirty-eight of the fifty states. However, a prospective user must go through an application process administered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which requires a Federal tax payment of US$200.00 and a thorough criminal background check. The $200.00 buys a tax stamp, which is the legal document allowing possession of a silencer. The market for used suppressors in the U.S. is consequently very poor, which has driven innovations in the field (buyers want the height of technology, because they are basically "stuck" with the purchase). Primitive suppressors are available in other countries for under US$40,[16] but they are usually of crude construction, using cheap materials and baffle designs that were obsolete in the United States by the 1970s. While suppressors in the US are more expensive (hundreds to thousands of dollars), they are generally built with highly advanced baffle stacks and exotic materials like Inconel and high-grade heat-treated stainless steels.[original research?] Several states and municipalities explicitly ban any civilian possession of suppressors


here is the link fatefinger;

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    While it is true that 37 sates allow unlicensed adults to own silencers, IL is not one of them.

    (520 ILCS 5/2.33) (from Ch. 61, par. 2.33)

    Sec. 2.33. Prohibitions.

    (s) It is unlawful to use a silencer or other device to muffle or mute the sound of the explosion or report resulting from the firing of any gun.

    Just about any handgun can adapt to a silencer use. The easiest ones to mount a silencer on are those with the barrel sticking out from the slide, or from the front sight. Most semi-auto pistols will need to have an extended/threaded barrel installed. These barrels are easy to find for some like Glocks, 1911, and Brownings, but difficult for others. Other barrels with a front sight on the end will need the sight cut back or removed and re-mounted.

    Silencers only reduce muzzle blast noise. They do nothing for action noise, bullet flight noise and noise from the cylinder gap on revolvers. This means that the only revolvers that are effectively suppressed by a silencer are those like the 1895 Nagant or custom jobs that seal the gap.

    While subsonic ammo makes for less noise when suppressed due to no sonic booms and a sometimes much lower powder charge, it is not required. Even high powered rifles and hand guns can be suppressed effectively if shot outdoors in the open.

    IL is not one of the few gun friendly states, so if guns are important to you, then you need to move. I am stuck in WA which is unfriendly to gun owners as well. I make silencers as a hobby on my lathe. It is legal but use is a crime. The Wikipedia info you posted about the USA is correct.

    The other things that you could know about silencers are that the federal government strictly regulates them. If you do not have a license to make or deal in them, then you must send in the tax stamp application ATF form 4 (to buy) or ATF form 1 (to make) and pay the $200 tax. The good part is that the tax is a one time thing as long as you own the silencer, it can be transferred tax free to your heirs, and the ATF always approves the application as long as it is filled out correctly.


    Source(s): I design and make silencers on ATF form 1's.
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    As has been stated a suppressor doesn't make a gun silent by any means. It works much like a car muffler does, allowing the escaping gasses out into baffles to reduce the noise. Bear a few things in mind. Only one revolver ever made would benefit from a suppressor. All other revolver have a cylinder gap, the open space between the barrel and cylinder. That gap will allow significant gas and therefore noise to escape before the bullet could ever reach the end of the barrel. With an autoloading pistol, the chamber will still be blown open and gasses will escape there causing noise as well, not to mention the fact that a suppressor will not silence all the sound coming out of the barrel. Newer versions have a means of offsetting the outgoing sound wave by 180 degrees and therefore nullifying much of it and they are more effective. Those designed for a rifle are often called cans and wet cans, those that use water tend to do a better job. Subsonic ammunition is far easier to keep quiet than supersonic ammunition and some specialty rounds have been developed for the military for that purpose. Not too technical, but I hope this helps.

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    Though regulated by the National Firearms Act, suppressors can be possessed and used by individuals in 35 states as long as the proper federal and local requirements have been met. Fifteen states have banned civilian ownership outright.The National Firearms Act Branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is the regulatory body for Title II items, which includes suppressors, machine guns, and short-barreled rifles and shotguns. To gain approval to own such items, you simply have to fill out the appropriate forms, have them signed by your local chief law enforcement official, and submit them to the NFA branch with a check for the appropriate fee ($200 for most Title II items) along with your fingerprints and a passport photograph. If you pass the extensive background check, your paperwork will be approved in 30 to 90 days, and you can take possession of your new "big-boy toy."As easy as it all sounds, the ease of actually gaining approval depends on where you live.There are two types of suppressors: muzzle-attached and integral. Muzzle-attached suppressors either screw onto the barrel or are affixed via some proprietary quick-release system. They do not have an adverse effect on velocity, though they will change the point of impact to some degree. Integral suppressors are built around the barrel of the firearm. They generally consist of a sleeve-type suppressor that fits over the barrel. The barrel has ports that allow some of the gases to bleed off into the suppressor. They are, by far, the quietest and sleekest-looking suppressors, but they do reduce muzzle velocity to some degree, depending on the number and size of ports.A suppressor is not a "silencer." Though it does drastically reduce the amount of noise the discharge of a firearm makes, it does not make it silent. The amount of noise reduction depends on factors like suppressor design, ammunition, and action type.

    Having said all that, suppressors will not work on a revolver because of the gasses and sound which escapes between the front of the cylinder and the forcing cone. A quick check online indicates they are not legal in IL, but that may be outdated info, check with BATFE or local law enforcement or do a google search to get more info.

    shoot safe

    Source(s): Retired Police Officer NRA certified police firearms instructor Competition shooter (ret) Avid hunter since age 9 with: Archery Black powder firearms Handguns Modern rifles Shotguns Trained at S&W, COLT and GLOCK Armorer schools I specialize in building 1911 pistols and AR 15 rifles And ran a gun shop for many years SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM. “If you want peace, prepare for war”
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    Not every handgun will be able to have a suppressor attached to it. The barrel needs threading on the outside and needs to stick out a bit so you can twist the suppressor on. As for where you can get one any class 3 dealer could help.

    Where did you copy and paste the 2nd part from?

    Another thing do you even know how a suppressor attaches to a handgun? Not all handguns can take suppressors. I could explain it but asking a dealer would help you understand as they come with visual aid.

    Edit: And xenos your a dumbass. I really doubt you own guns because any gun owner would have at least some understanding of the NFA's, brady bill and defunct "assault weapons" ban. Plus some understanding of how guns work. You show your a complete ignoramus.

    Maybe your one of those hunters that don't give a **** if they ban everything else becuase after all all you have is a reminnton 700. If your part of a hunting organization that tries to ban hunting and supports health care reform that would make more sense. read "the lament of the AHSA supporter"

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    I am not sure, but I think IL is not one of those states. Most guns can be fit with a suppressor (literally almost all guns) because all you have to do is add an extension to fit the suppressor on, or make sure it has a threaded barrel. I may be wrong, and it might just require you to have strict licenses on the suppressor.

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    it will probably be illegal in illinois also as it says in the article you need the $200 tax stamp also the handgun that you want to put one on has to have a barrel that was threaded for one

    @XenosAce: you obviously dont know what your talking about because there is no assault weapon ban of 1986, there is a machine gun ban of 1986 which just made it illegal to manufacture a fully automatic gun for civilians after that date

    the assault weapon ban which came later did not ban silencers, it just made it illegal to manufacture a gun with too many scary features and restricted the legal magazine capacity for magazines manufactured after that date to 10 rounds, the assault weapon ban also expired around 2004 so all the things that were banned under it are no longer banned

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    sorry dude but suppresors are illegal by federal ban. that means no one in the U.S.A. can own one. im sorry to bust your dreams but wikipedia is not the most reliable site to get info from. i am a avid gun owner and enthusiest. and i know that wikipedia is a unreliable source for any information due to the fact that any one can change its contents. so all in all you cant get a silencer like james bond for the government is afraid you will go james bond on someone. the federal assualt weapons ban of 1986 i believe covers all of this.

    maybe i was wrong. last time i was told it was illegal around the nation. and from a retired cop. maybe he meant in cali becuz that is where i am from and it is impossible to get anything. but i am willing to say i am wrong and it looks like i am. it is only for cali as it looks here. nd it wasnt '86. i found my inf o from this: CHAPTER 2.3. ROBERTI-ROOS ASSAULT WEAPONS CONTROL ACT OF 1989. this is the link i found it on: <> this is a government sight. and i do own my own guns. i own a AR-15, AK-22, and a Ruger 10/22. next gun i want to get is a Sig SAUR P226. so now i know this i can get a supressor for it.

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