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Has the drug war in Mexico calmed down lately? If so why? If not, why no news?

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    Unfortunately it is still on-going, and contrary to what others have said about it going on for years, it is not true. The violence all began when the now president, Felipe Calderon promised his citizens that he would follow through on his promise to rid the country of corruption. Cartels were used to running things their way, without any type of government interference, and now that they are being prohibited from doing so, they are retaliating. They (the cartel) even killed the nephew of Calderon in hopes that he would stop over fear that they may continue to kill other family members.

    I give Calderon kudos because it just made him more determined to put an end to all of the corruption, but it at a price because unfortunately it has brought violence to the situation. However, this is what is needed in order for Mexico to prosper and become a true democratic nation. My only wish is that the next political party that wins, they continue to go after the cartels because this would all be for nothing if they don't.

    I guess the news has died down somewhat on this issue because it's old news and the same old thing, day in and day out.

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    It has calmed down to a certain degree, due to the fact that after many years, the military has started to take action which is one of the main reasons. But it will never stop.

    Economics tells us that as long as you have demand for something, there will be a supply. So as long as there is a demand for drugs, there will be a drug war, however it is a mistake to blame the problems of one country on young Americans as suggested above.

    The problem lies much deeper in which many parts are involved.

    It is in fact true that Americans, do consume a great deal of the drugs produced in mexico, however that is not the problem, so it is out of the question to place the blame of this people even if they promote drug production.

    The problem lies in that corruption in Mexico exists at all levels of government, therefore no matter how hard a government tries to get rid of the problem, the Judicial branch of the government, and law enforcement agencies are corrupted therefore allowing the drug flow and production, and are unable to operate against this drug cartels fighting each other to be the lead producer and get more money. Therefore unless there is a deep change in government, the war is on.

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    It is on the news every night. Mexico has had this problem for decades and cannot solve it. people asked send the UN to help out but Mexico has said that would be a national security risk and objected to having any outside help entering Mexico. Mexico felt they were doing as good job as anybody else could and as long as they can blame America instead of facing up to their problems and doing something about it..After some 40 years you would think Mexico could come to the understanding they cannot fix their drug problem by themselves and outside help is needed if 40 years goes by with progress being made..........

    The drug war is the fault of young Americans who use those narcotics. So therefore the blame for those that have died in the drug wars lies firmly on those that use the narcotics, ........... Dude you do understand illegals use drugs, illegal gangs use drugs. To say if nobody use drugs problem would be fixed. Your drugs from Mexico travel all over the world. The drug cartel you are saying if they get into a gang war in Mexico, it's American fault, if the drug cartels comes up short on cash its Americans fault sales were off this week. It is also being said Mexico feels the wall there offensive to all Mexicans and it makes out like Americans do not trust Mexico.If can also be said if a drug cartel cannot buy BMW instead but he buys a less expense car , it is America's fault not enough money is made for the cartel to get what that car he wanted. Passing the buck and saying the drug cartel can blame every problem on America. A cartel member wants to buy a 5 million dollar house because because sales are down, it's America's fault the cartel did not get all the needed cash to buy that 5 million home..Trying to say the drug cartel are innocent victims is insane

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    The drug war is the fault of young americans who use those narcotics. So therefore the blame for those that have died in the drug wars lies firmly on those that use the narcotics, which are american young people. If there were no users there wouldn't be a need to manufacture and distribute them.

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    They've probably brought it over here along with all the other illegal activities.

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