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Religiously speaking, how come porn legal but prostitution illegal?

It's the same, they're both getting paid to screw other people...

I believe in civil rights and I feel that we are all equal, so just because a poor ho in Vegas doesn't have a film crew recording her sins, that doesn't mean it should be illegal for her to work and earn that very hard-worked money. I mean, she's not stealing (well, maybe another woman's husband or something, but it's HIS fault).


I forgot that prostitushun was made legan in Vagas. Let's say Baltimore then.. they have many hos in Baltimore.

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    IMO, all employment is a form of prostitution. Even though a job doesn't entail the employee using their genitals in a sexual way, they still use their entire body for a given length of time.

    And like any other job, it is the legal obligation of the employer to see that safety is ensured for the employee. In the case of prostitution, condoms and safe sex practices are vitally important.

    Since this question is in the religious section, it should be noted that the very first religious temples also served as brothels, and prostitutes were considered priestesses. The division came with the patriarchal dominance, and the shift in focus from tribe to family.


    Source(s): BTW, jl - Prostitution IS illegal in Las Vegas, which is in Clark County, Nevada. Only countys in Nevada with populations under 400,000 have legal prostitution.
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    Source(s): Watch Hot Girl Alone :
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    The poor ho in Vegas doesn't have a problem if she's properly liscensed. Prostitution is legal in Vegas.

    Religiously speaking there no reason either one should be legal. Civilly speaking, there's no good reason why one should be legal and the other not, except that one was made legally earlier due to claims of protection under the first amendment.

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    In religion, both are sins against God...

    But politically speaking, because profits from pornography can be taxed. Proceeds from prostitution aren't taxed, therefore, its illegal. Yet, escort services are legal...registered entities...regardless of if you end up having sex or not.. The government seems to care little about societys moral fabric.

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    actually it's not legal in Vegas, but in Clark County if I remember right. What I find odd is on regular T.V. you can show a person murdering another, but can't have a cuss word or for that matter show porn on t.v. It is a natural thing, but if it were on t.v. then we would become callous to it and it probably wouldn't be as exciting.

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    ******* is legal, selling is legal, but selling ******* is illegal because we all know that the head (no pun intended) of that little operation would definitely not be male, and would be raking in more money than hollywood and the porn industry combined

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    Religiously speaking I don't believe pornography is cool with religion.. Actually flip that around. Religion isn't cool with pornography. Nor prostitution.

    I think the real question would be why does the government allow pornography but not prostitution? Just cuz it's filmed its legal? I guess prostitutes should film their encounters then? That'd never fly.

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    Since you said RELIGIOUSLY SPEAKING ,

    Spiritually speaking NEITHER are legal , just because a government says it is doesn't make it so ! Being a porn star or hooking both go against what God requires of us female or male !

    • Your God will say whatever you want him/her to say. My god says have fun and be safe! Don't judge others. You're a fool and a hypocrite if you do.

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    "a poor ho in Vegas doesn't have a film crew recording her sins,"

    prostitution is legal in Vegas. geez, of all the examples you have to use...

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    It's the fault of the people who make the laws who pretend to be pius during the day, but are actually hypocrites in disguise.

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