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Green Bean Casserole with Fresh Green Beans Instead of Canned?

Anyone have a recipe for green been casserole that uses fresh green beans rather than canned? And maybe something that isn't soupy...

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    I have never understood the 'need' for this horrid gloppy mess other than a very successful marketing campaign by Campbell's soup which also owns the french fried onion company.

    My MIL makes it every year and it's her thing. I prefer fresh green beans, steamed with toasted almond.

    I think you could easily make it with fresh beans and it would taste better no matter what.

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    There's the World's Best Green Bean Casserole at

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    green bean casserole fresh green beans canned

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    Agh I HATE the canned bean casseroel with that nasty nasty nasty soup. Why did it EVER become famous?

    Oh yes, America+cuisine =trashy food!

    Here is a link- this reciep I use all the time, I like alton brown, he's real and normal and appreciates good cooking.

    It uses fresh beans, some cream, or half and half, and a bit of flour, you get the nice bean caserole thing, but without that asful MSG high fructose corn syrup nightmare of campbells.

    And seeing as you asked, this is a very wholesome recipe site- thsi woman cooks like the Ingalls on little house on the prairie, and the photos are amazing. I guarantee you will wnat to cook one of these things, for thanksgiving=

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    I love green bean casserole! All you people dissing it, you're not just saying that because of the fat content, right? Because you can totally use the fat free stuff.

    If you cook it long enough and, as was said before, blanch the beans, it shouldn't be soupy.

    Source(s): Thanksgiving every year!
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    Easy.. Clean and "de-vein" the beans, cut into halves or thirds or do not cut if you don't want to :)

    blanch in salted boiling water for 2-3 minutes and then drop into iced water and then proceed with the recipe just as you would with the frozen one..

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    try fresh green beans

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