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The Meredith Kercher Case and the accused Amanda Knox?

I have followed this for a bit, though like with all matters regarding the courts, the facts are divided between one's account and the other's. What is the key evidence by the prosecution for her guilt, and the key argument by the defence for her innocence? Certainly Amanda has her supporters but especially looking it at the Facebook given how many how supporting her compared to her ex boyfriend in the case, is it more of a matter that people are just falling for a pretty face believing that someone like her could not possibly kill?

I want to remain neutral in the nature of this topic, given I hear that the court system in Italy is not fair, countered by claims that the murder weapon was tampered with or that Knox's part-time employer at the time of the murder, bar owner and musician Patrick Lumumba of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is suing Knox for defamation which would imply that Knox was trying to cover her tracks.

In any case I m hopeful someone who has a better understanding of this case can give their own opinion and the key facts that has been presented at the court.

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    If you're interested in getting a good understanding of this case and, more generally, the system that's causing Knox and Solliceto to be railroaded, read The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston with Mario Spezi.

    The book outlines the history of a bungled investigation into the worst serial killer in Italian History, likely a man still living free in the outskirts of Florence. They interview him in the book.

    The book is an effort to understand why the investigation went in every direction but the right one and it comes down largely to internal politics among the officials, combined with a conspiratorial culture. However the case takes it's darkest turn with the introduction of a corrupt prosecutor who blindly follows the lunatic ravings of a conspiracy theorist named Gabriella Carlizzi (who thinks 9/11 was mastermined by the Cult of the Red Rose) and who has been indicted for tampering with evidence and has a frightening history of intimidating and prosecuting reporters who disagree with him.

    That prosecutor is Giuliano Mignini, the same man who interrogated Amanda Knox. He remains the chief prosecutor in Perugia even under indictment and remains the prosecutor on the Krecher case.

    The book ends with a new afterward that details the Kercher case, going up through the start of the trial. It's just as insane as the Monster case. One American investigator, sent over by Dateline NBC, arrived in Italy assuming Knox and Solleceto did it. He left 100% certain they did not. According to him, what little DNA evidence has been found (such as the knife) is completely tainted by sloppy police work and the DNA is likely a result of contamination from other sources.

    There is certainly some good evidence against Rudy Guede, who has been convicted but is appealing. He freely admits to having been present and to having had sex with Kercher.

    However there is also another suspect who has never been investigated by Mignini. Read this article for details on that suspect: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe...

    Mignini threatened the reporter who broke this story with prosecution. She dropped the matter and after 24 hours of front page news, it completely disappeared from the Italian press and has been largely forgotten or assumed to be erroneous.

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    that's quite worrying to have your sister or your daughter butchered alive. The Kerchers have been searching for some decision. i assume it facilitates slightly to have a concept of the crime. The prosecution claimed that Guede could no longer have murdered Meredith by way of himself. i do no longer be conscious of the way sturdy the info is for that. If somebody else replaced into in contact, why wasn't their DNA interior the room the place Meredith replaced into??? yet this is why somebody could say the homicide is unsolved. The info against Amanda and Raffaele wasn't sturdy. the only info that looked sturdy replaced into the DNA info, and that replaced into discredited plenty by way of autonomous experts. this is why they have been acquitted.

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    Intriguing case All I know is that i think she may be convicted because they have a weird system over there and the prosecutor seems like he's hell bent on making sure she is guilty no matter what the evidence shows!

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