iPod Touch 2G. Transfering Music And Apps To Computer.?

So im about to do a system recovery on my laptop. When i restore my laptop, will iTunes delete all the songs i have including the apps when re-installing iTunes on my iPod? If so what can i do so it wont delete my files and add them back into iTunes. I dont want to do a copy and paste of the files because i dont understand the way iTunes puts the files in the iPod Touch (example: DYXS.mp3).

iPod Touch 2G: Jail Broken at 3.1.2 (7D11)

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    Jailbroken = iits at your RISK! a very high risk..

    Why do people assume that the ipod is a music backup system - its NOT!

    the Master files are on the computer in the itunes library and you really need to back these up directly or copy them onto the new PC its in"My Documents\My Music\iTunes"

    you CAN Transfer PAID music and apps by logging into your itunes store account and authorising your computer (via the store menu) BEFORE plugging in the ipod then selecting Transfer purchases form the pop-up or the File Menu. However this will ONLY transfer BOUGHT music and APPS and not the imported stuff

    The ipod is a SLAVE device to ONE itunes only although itunes can have many ipods. When you PAIR an iPod with a computer it erases all songs on it!!! and deletes pairing with original computer.

    Sharing Copyrighted material such as Movies or Music is also illegal!

    You cannot transfer music from an ipod to itunes as Itunes is the MASTER location of the music files. if you NEED to transfer music form your ipod to the computer as you have lost the original you need a 3rd party application (I use Yamipod for mac) but a whole range can be found on www.versiontracker.com and enter ipod transfer in the search box under your operating system.

    Music transfer programs will ONLY work with MUSIC and NOT iPod touch apps.. you will need to download these again but once you have bought an app re-downloading it is also free no matter how much the original app cost!

    I suggest copying the contents of the "iTunes Music" folder on your old computer onto the new one by USB hard disk, USB Flash memory or DVD-r

    once you have the utility installed run it and close itunes! connect the ipod (if itunes starts up and asks if you want to pair say NO and close itunes again). then with the utility transfer the songs form the ipod to your hard disk.

    Then disconnect the ipod, START itunes... drop the files you have just transferred onto the itunes Library and once the files have been copied into the library you can delete the originals (NEVER MOVE or touch the itunes folder on your computer otherwise you will lose the music let itunes manage it for you).

    Now reconnect the ipod and when it asks pair say YES and it will transfer the music to your computer.

    if doing this with 2 computers you have to do this on both!!

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    Yes, here is an easy way. Simply use iPod Transfer Software


    It can help you transfer all songs/videos on your iPod to your computer B and then you can effortlessly add those files to the local iTunes library.

    You can also refer to its detailed guide.

    Hope it helps. .For more iPod support information you can also go to apple's official site http://www.apple.com/support/

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    umm i had this to jst unplug ur ipod wen u do thingo to ur laptop then download itunes again then plug ur ipod in then say sync ipod and it should all go bak onto ur itunes.

    hope this helps.


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