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starfish special features

starfish special features starfish special features

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    Sea stars (also often called "starfish") sometimes also include "brittle stars or "basket stars".

    Basket stars are a group of brittle stars

    Sea Star


    Basket stars


    Special features:

    1. Most sea stars typically have five rays or arms, which radiate from a central disk.

    2. The bodies of sea stars are composed calcium carbonate components,

    known as ossicles. These form the endoskeleton, which takes on a

    variety of forms that are externally expressed as a variety of

    structures, such as spines and granules.

    3. The bottom surface is often referred to as the oral surface

    whereas the top surface is referred to as the aboral side.

    4. The body surface of sea stars often has several structures that

    comprise the basic anatomy of the animal and can sometimes assist in

    its identification.The madreporite

    can be easily identified as the light-colored circle, located slightly

    off center on the central disk. This is a porous plate which is

    connected via a calcified channel to the animal's water vascular system

    in the disk. Its function is, at least in part, to provide additional

    water for the animal's needs, including replenishing water to the water

    vascular system.

    5. Several groups of asteroids, including the Valvatacea but especially

    the Forcipulatacea posses small bear-trap or valve-like structures

    known as pedicellariae.

    There are over 1800 species; with many species awaiting discovery. Some of the better known sea star include:

    Bat starBlue sea starCarpet sea starComb sea starCommon starfishCrown-of-thorns sea starEleven-armed sea starJapanese sea starOchre sea starPincushion sea starPink sea star



    Sea stars move using a water vascular system. Water comes into the system via the madreporite.

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