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Do not attach the meaningless information to answer m questions, thanks for

our cooporation.

1.What are the different concept between Energy and intensity?

2.What is the satellite line?

3.What are Czerm Turner and Roland circle monochromator?

4.What is monochromator?

5.What are shake up effect and charge effect?

6.How to recognize the digram that print out by the UPS and XPS such as the

peak and magnitude?

7. Please give me the brief information about the theory of XPS and UPS.

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    I am doing research in phys chem, and I don't even know such thing called UPS.

    unless you meant UV-PS? even though I would reckon UVPS is useless and not existed.

    I assume you should have chem background to ask for the questions

    Energy is determined by wavenumber since is given by certain wavelength of light. Intensity is how strong one object can absorb or emit light.

    A monochromator is an optical device that transmits a mechanically selectable narrow band of wavelengths of light or other radiation chosen from a wider range of wavelengths available at the input. (from Wiki)

    for details, please wiki

    XPS is x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (with an wavelength comparable atomically (0.15 nm)

    go wiki

    if your UPS is UV, then it's still useles since UV is about 200-300 nm, unless you are using it for nanoparticles?

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